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When it comes down to it, a successful website partnership depends heavily on the people behind the curtain. You need smart, reliable and inspired designers, developers, project managers and strategists to support and shape the future of your website.

At Ironistic, our team checks all those boxes and more! Our digital marketing experts don’t just bring knowledge and experience to the table; they bring care, creativity, and commitment to the success of your site and your organization across the board.

Scroll down and click on the pics to learn more about the team that makes Ironistic awesome. Trust us when we say, we’re more than just a pretty face.  

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Rita Foss

Co-Founder & Advisor

Rita Foss of Ironistic

Meet Rita

Chris Foss Ironistic

Christopher Foss

Co-Founder & President

Meet Christopher

Our People

Jared Elliott

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Jared

Our People

Hannah Taylor

Director of Production Services

Hannah Watkins Ironistic

Meet Hannah

Sylvia Foerster

Creative Manager

Sylvia goofy image

Meet Sylvia

Vee Lee

Sr. Front End Developer

Meet Vee

Nathan Friend

Sr. Programmer

Meet Nathan

Andrea Macino

Director of Client Services

Andrea Macino

Meet Andrea

Our People

Faith Dallmann

Content Stylist

Meet Faith

Justin Trevorrow

Technical Manager

Meet Justin

Our People

Josh Hall

Development Manager

Meet Josh

Our People

MaryAnn Jacobsen

Human Resources Manager

Meet MaryAnn

Our People

Shah Faridi

Digital Strategist

Meet Shah

John Conover

John Conover

Sr. Business Development Consultant

Meet John

David Shayne

Front End Developer

Meet David

Sue Himes

Content Writer

Meet Sue

Quinn Byrnes

Content Writer

Meet Quinn

Our People

Rebecca Howard

SEO Specialist

Meet Rebecca

Our People

Sarah Kelley Engeset

Sr Digital Strategist

Meet Sarah

Emily Stephens

PPC Specialist

Meet Emily

Jennie Linn

Project Manager

Meet Jennie

Alexis Bignotti

Social Media Specialist

Meet Alexis

Our People

Kristen Fischetti

Content Stylist

Meet Kristen

Our People

Kristin Anderson

Project Manager

Meet Kristin

Anika Mercier

Project Manager

Meet Anika

Our People

Brandon Vreeman

Front End Developer

Meet Brandon

Our People

Aubre Pierce-Lackey

Project Manager

Meet Aubre

Kimberly Brock

Sr. Digital Strategist

Meet Kimberly

Lindy Gillard

Content Specialist

Meet Lindy

Samantha Neuhring

Graphic Designer

Meet Samantha

Kelsey LaCourse

Project Manager

Meet Kelsey

Jose Rubiani

Project Manager

Meet Jose

Ava Ashby

Marketing Intern

Meet Ava

Ernesto Diaz

Server Administrator

Meet Ernesto

John Spruill II

Digital Strategist

Meet John

Khurram Dharani

Project Manager

Meet Khurram

Tre Akins

Business Development Consultant

Meet Tre

Annie Terwilliger

Developer Intern

Meet Annie

Tyler Phass

Front End Developer

Meet Tyler

“They recently did our website and it looks amazing! The staff is super helpful and listen carefully to business needs to get the best possible results. Thanks guys!”

Nimra Irfan


Integrated Marketing Specialist

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