Sarah Mistretta

decorative Creative Project Manager
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is Sarah Mistretta and I am a born problem solver and lifelong learner. I seek creative expression across all areas of life, feel most inspired when meeting challenges with resourcefulness and efficiency, and thrive in an environment where exploration and thinking beyond-the-box are celebrated. (Thank goodness [or Jared, Chris, and Rita, at least…] for Ironistic!)


I joined the Ironistic family in 2022 as a Creative Project Manager – remotely… from an island… on a lake… in New Hampshire. (I promise I have great WiFi!); and since starting my own family, have returned to my roots in Graphic Design. Since graduating with my BFA in 2013, I have gained over 10 years of professional experience in the trade, having spent time as an Art Director and owner of my own business.


When I am not standing at my desk or perched on my “Soul Seat,” I used to enjoy a variety of mostly outdoor hobbies, but as of June 2023, I spend the majority of my free time as a mother to two (unexpected) twin boys!


Fun Facts:

  • I do not own a microwave
  • I take my coffee with butter
  • I have traveled to 3 countries and 36 states
  • I don’t have any pets or children (yet!)
  • I have never broken a bone 
  • My car has a manual transmission


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