Faith Dallmann

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Content Stylist

Hi, I am Faith Dallmann and I’m a Content Stylist at Ironistic and a Mom of 3 boys! Before I started with this awesome team at Ironistic, I worked as a Graphic Designer for a pharmaceutical company for 13 years and before that I went to college at 2 Universities of Wisconsin. Designing is such a passion for me and has been since I graduated.

Aside from absolutely loving what I do professionally; I love to draw, take pictures, play with my boys, and go to Cubs games. I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan and have been since I was a little girl. This may age me but I met my favorite player (from when I was a little girl), Andre Dawson recently at a game I went to! What a great (and the same) feeling getting his autograph again, 30 years later. ‘Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go, Hey Chicago, What do ya say? – The Cubs are gonna win today!’

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