Josh Hall

Front End Developer, Iron Quality Dept.

Google Analytics Qualified IndividualI completed my enlistment in the Air Force wanting a career change focused on web development, and for the following two years, I worked at Televox Solutions on appointment reminders and medical/dental sites.

I believe in logical troubleshooting techniques, resolving core issues, and looking at things from the client’s perspective. Websites are personal and unique, which is what drove me to the Iron Quality team. After work I can be found tinkering on my computer, watching movies or playing video games.

Fun facts:

  • Maintained the B-52H Stratofortress for six years in the frozen tundra of Minot, North Dakota.
  • Lifelong Star Wars fan and I have lost track of how many times I have seen the original trilogy.
  • I am a small town guy from Walkerton, Indiana, and married my high school sweetheart Courtney.
  • We have two dogs named Diesel and Samantha Wolfgang Dio Van Halen (my choice) or Sam for short.

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