JJ Lusk

Business Development Consultant

Business Development Consultant

Hi! My name is JJ, and I am a Business Development Consultant here at Ironistic.  

With a background in sales and communication, my introduction to the digital creative space came in 2011. I worked at a non-profit with limited resources and a lot going on. Wearing many hats was just part of it. I quickly found myself faced with web and graphic design projects as well as video production. As a bit of a creative with an eye for design and a passion for learning, I was game. I quickly fell in love. I eventually went into freelancing and consulting before starting a digital design agency of my own. I love helping others clarify and develop their message, and I love collaborating with a team of creatives to then communicate that message visually. 

I now live in Oklahoma where I get to do life with my best friend, former business partner, now life-partner, and fellow co-worker. Our crew consists of seven boys and one girl. I love food, traveling, and fishing, but my favorite thing is just being with my family…


Fun Facts: 

  • I’ve been a gamer since Atari and am still going strong. Final Fantasy 7 and Elder Scrolls 3 are my favorite games.  
  • I turned down a job offer in London when I was 18. 
  • New York City is one of my favorite places on the planet, and I’ve been probably 25-30 times in my life. 
  • I started building custom homes when I was 15, and worked on a life size replica of the Munsters house in Waxahachie, TX. Google it


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