Rita Foss

Co-Founder & CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO of Ironistic, I like to stress the key Ironistic principles: Quality Work and Common Sense.  Website projects are rife with “cool” technology that typically fail to add any true value and that ultimately confuses the user.  Keep it professional.  Keep it appealing.  But keep it simple!  My philosophy is to stay focused on the true business goals of a website and not just develop technology for the sake of technology. As a former government IT professional with the Department of Defense, I am also Ironistic’s public services division.  (So if you are a local, state or federal agency… don’t hesitate to contact Ironistic and ask for Rita Foss!).

As my staff can attest, I’m also a firm believer in health and wellness.  As a former personal fitness trainer, I try to keep everyone healthy and in shape – whether they want to or not!  And in addition to a Master’s degree from The George Washington University in Information Systems Technology, I also proudly hold a B.S. in Psychology from Indiana University and can thus readily confirm that most Ironistic founders are slightly off kilter.

I have three beautiful children and love my husband, despite threatening to fire him on a regular basis.


Rita's Ramblings

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