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Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern

Hey there! My name is Vanessa Board and I am a senior at Virginia Tech with a major in Digital Marketing and a minor in Event and Experience Management. I was born and raised from Alexandria, Virginia.

I’ve had the opportunity to intern the last two years in the digital marketing field in the real estate industry and private sector. I’m extremely excited to now be part of an actual digital marketing agency, such as Ironistic. I’m looking forward to interning with Ironistic and learning from the variety of digital marketing services that they provide. I have a passion for social media, creativity, learning, and planning. I am eager to help businesses strengthen their digital presence through their website and social media. I am hardworking, adaptable, and excited to work with a wonderful team! 

Fun Facts About Me:

  • One of my main goals in life is to see as much of the world as possible…So far I have been to Italy, Greece, Mexico, and Nicaragua (where my family is from).
  • My comfort shows include sitcoms like New Girl, Modern Family, Friends, and more!
  • I have 3 pets. Two dogs and a cat whom I love dearly!
  • I love a good adventure and to try new things. My recent interests have been yoga, dancing, painting, and cooking. If you have any class recommendations, let me know! 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

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