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As more employees shift to telework, different strategies may need to be considered to remain productive while working from home. For many, teleworking is a whole new ball game for their companies and organizations. Luckily, the Ironistic team consists of remote employees who have experience with the work from home lifestyle. 

We’re here to share some tips on how to continue producing great work despite a change in setting: 

Organize a structured workspace.

Compartmentalize your workspace and your work. The smaller chunks you create, the easier it is to be flexible.

– Rita Foss, Co-Founder & Advisor

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Keep your space tidy.

Set up a designated, clean work area and take jumping jack breaks when you’re losing focus to get the blood pumping. No one can see you so you won’t look crazy!

– The Ironistic Team

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Stay zen.

Light a candle and put on some music! Stay zen during those stressful times by making your environment as comfortable as possible. You’re not around all of your other coworkers so do what helps you keep your focus and not get bogged down by 100 emails.

– The Ironistic Team

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Limit distractions.

Set a conducive work environment. In order to limit distractions, do everything at once when getting up from your desk. Use the bathroom, get a snack and get the blood flowing all at once so you can come back to your desk focused and ready to keep going. Also, set alarms for important times of the day and meetings. It’s easy to get in the groove and not realize what time it is without other people around you. Communicate, communicate, communicate. It is so important to stay in touch with your coworkers as you work so that things are done efficiently and correctly. It helps to keep the connection when working remotely from home.

– The Ironistic Team

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Stick to your normal routine.

Take your lunch break! Make sure to step away from the computer and phone to help ease any anxiety of your task load or back-to-back meetings.

– Andi Macino, VP of Account Services

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Get ready for the day.

Use proper tools to effectively communicate with other remote colleagues. Shower, dress, and put on makeup (ladies… and/or men, if that’s what you’re into – no judgment). Keep a good morning routine to set your day up for productive success.

– The Ironistic Team

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Dedicate an office space.

When working remote, the line between work and home life can quickly blur. If you can have a dedicated space it helps. Even better is to have a routine to start and end your day, such as coffee or tea while reviewing emails first thing and then a meditation app or playlist for that last 30 minute wrap-up of your day.

– Josh Hall, Development Manager

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Don’t skip breakfast!

Honestly, I have found this to be one of the most important things I do to stay focused and energetic during the work day.

– The Ironistic Team

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Don’t forget to take a break!

Write down everything that needs to get done for the day and check it off as you go. Declutter and set up a designated work space, step away from the computer every now and then to get a break, and keep your phone on silent until you get off work!

– The Ironistic Team

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Get outside and move.

Schedule some time during the day to be active! Whether it’s before work, a break during the day, or after work— take a walk around the block for fresh air or join an exercise class (which you can even do from your living room!). Check in on yourself physically to make sure that you stay on your A-game mentally.

– Sarah Kelley Engeset, Sr. Digital Strategist 

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Set your routine.

Create a personal space that will keep you focused and comfortable. Set your task list and routines for the day and stay on track with that list. When you’re done for the day, ‘your drive home’ can be thoughts and inspiration for tomorrow’s list and then transition into your family life from there!

– Faith Dallmann, Content Stylist

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Blockout time for productivity.

Make sure you schedule out time to really “get things done” vs. leaving time for responding to the many distractions that happen during the day. Know the best time for you to be productive and get rid of the possible distractions during that time.

Take short breaks throughout the day. But during those breaks, don’t just pick up your cell phone to handle personal things. It’s good to step away for a bit and reset.

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

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Remove what distracts you.

Figure out your working style – Do you need white noise or silence? Are you more productive early in the day or later? Do you like small breaks throughout the day or a longer lunch break? Set yourself up for success by figuring out what you need to work most efficiently.

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

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Brainstorm with others.

Make some time for virtual meetings! If you find yourself stuck on a problem it’s good to rope in others to help brainstorm with you. Sometimes you need that extra person to bounce an idea off of and it makes it so much easier to communicate when you can see their face. With today’s technology, there are tons of tools to set up quick video conferencing with anyone.

– David Shayne, Front End Developer

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