David Shayne

decorative Front End Developer
Front End Developer

Front End Developer

Hey there, my name is David and I’m a web developer here at Ironistic!

For over a decade, I’ve been passionate about building websites from the front to the backend. Starting from high school, I was immediately hooked into programming and web development. I went on to get an Associate’s Degree at Montgomery College for Web Design. Since then, I’ve been freelancing and honing my skills by going to a Coding Bootcamp and learning a number of full stacks such as MEAN, Java with Spring, and Python with Django. I am a WordPress enthusiast and have used the CMS to build most of my client’s websites.

I love all the opportunities and experiences that Ironistic offers. Working with a talented team of professionals has helped me grow as an individual and improve my skills to become a more proficient programmer and designer.

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