What is a Website Theme & How to Choose the Right One?


Learn about website themes from Ironistic’s experts and get some tips on choosing the right theme for you.

Another word for template — and then some.

A website theme is a template for your site that contains extra features built in.

When choosing one you want to have a list of features you require for your specific business needs, but also remember that most plugins will be usable across the majority of themes as well.

The main theme we use, called Bridge, has many extra features built in that generally cover most of our client’s requests for features or added functionality. As with all themes though, it is just a starting point, and after some changes and updates it will be unique to you and your business.

– Josh Hall, Front End Developer

Make sure the theme can functionally support your goals.

A website theme is a fully-functional package that comes with pre-made design elements and useful functions. Themes are generally built with a specific purpose in mind so that users have everything they need to start building the website they want.

When shopping around for themes, it is good practice to list out goals and what you hope to achieve for your website to see if there’s a theme that aligns with them. A lot of themes may seem visually stunning on the surface, but if your goals require specific custom elements, the theme might not always be flexible enough to meet your needs.

It is always good practice to make sure a theme is customizable enough to achieve your goals; otherwise, you might be stuck in a situation where you need to start from scratch.

– David Shayne, Front End Developer

The best themes come with options for customization and personalization.

A website theme dictates the look and feel of a website. It includes things such as fonts, colors, layout elements and much more.

In choosing a theme, I would look through demos to see if there are multiple ways to present content — like blogs, testimonials, infographics, etc. Having lots of options helps you ensure that your site looks unique and not like a template. I would also look for one that has developer support and one that is responsive so that it works on multiple devices.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Services Director

Free isn’t free — you get what you pay for.

website images

A theme defines the appearance and collection of features for a website.

It is important to choose a theme with features that are essential and meet your needs. Avoid free themes; they lack support and don’t get regular updates. which puts your website under risk of threats and security vulnerabilities.

– Vee Lee, Lead Developer

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