How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

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Keeping your site up-to-date and modern is super important! Read on some good advice from the Iron Team on how often you should redesign your website.

“Content is king…”

If your site is not responsive, then the answer is: you should redesign your website ASAP. If it is responsive, then the answer depends upon the resources available. If resources are abundant, I think sections of the site should be redesigned anywhere between 3-12 months. All the analytics, benchmarking, A/B Testing done could help provide fantastic experience enhancements. For a mid-to-large organization, I believe three years is pretty typical turnaround for a redesign. If your organization is small, however, and resources are limited (and your website is already responsive), 5-8 yrs should suffice. Content is king, am I right?

– Justin Trevorrow, Technical Manager

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Make sure your site is in sync with your goals.

The frequency for redesigning your website should ultimately be based on your online goals. If your site is no longer reaching its maximum potential, then it’s time for a redesign.

There are other trigger factors to consider that may be cause for redesigning sooner rather than later, such as a company rebranding or new functionality requirements like member login and dashboard.

For a standard website, I recommend redesigning at least every 3-4 years to maintain a modern online presence and keep up with industry best practices, which are always changing. That said, your website should always be evolving to provide a better UX/UI and to optimize your existing design, based on analytics, for better conversion rates.

– The Ironistic Team

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Update your site for security’s sake.

In my opinion, how often you should redesign your website is less about maintaining a modern online presence and more about security and upgrades to the main points of your site. If you start having issues with the current blog setup or donation pages, that is an excellent time to refocus and redesign as well. Homepage-only redesigns are also a great, lower-cost alternative.

– Josh Hall, Development Manager

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Timing is everything.

How often does your site need a redesign? About every 3 years…could be less, could be more, but that depends on a couple of things.

First, does your site look outdated? New features/styles are coming out all of the time. If you think your site has been sitting too long and doesn’t have what’s new, it’s time for a redesign.

Second – make sure your branding remains consistent. If your website doesn’t match your online presence, it’s time for a redesign. Your brand needs to be consistent between all media types: website, social media and online marketing. So, if your logo or branded colors have changed and are not the same throughout your online presence, then it’s time for a redesign.

– Faith Dallmann, Content Stylist

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Let metrics be your guide.

Ideally, you should do a full redesign of your website every two to three years to stay modern. However, if your website is not performing in terms of traffic or conversion it is time to re-evaluate and make some updates in order to capture your user’s attention and turn them into customers.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Director

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manish kumar
March 28, 2020

This is truly a great article. Detailed and helpful. Thanks for sharing!


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