Marketing Trends We Want to See in 2021

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Another year means another chance to see some of our 2020 marketing predictions come to fruition. While the past twelve months have been quite unpredictable, we’re thrilled to move forward with a clean slate to test and utilize the digital marketing practices that will further engage brands with their audiences. Check out the trends we hope to see in 2021!

Thoughtful Messaging

With this year of uncertainty and isolation, I hope more brands start connecting with their users and customers in a more meaningful and transparent way, by showing their customers who they are and what they stand for. And standing by it, even if it risks losing a small segment of customers.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

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Connecting With Target Audiences

In 2021, I anticipate more thoughtful and sentimental messaging based on the world’s current situation surrounding COVID-19. It will continue to be of paramount importance for organizations to show how they follow protocols to provide customers with a safe experience. Video isn’t a new marketing trend by any means. Still, I expect video to continue to rise as a primary means of communicating marketing messages and connecting with target audiences on a deeper level. I also expect to see an increase in virtual events to offer a safe at-home experience for events like conferences and concerts. New platforms such as Gather.Town are taking the internet by storm by allowing businesses and organizations to create an immersive and interactive gathering space.

– The Ironistic Team

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Bigger Focus On Connecting

More personalized messaging, and a bigger focus on connecting with customers on a human level and carrying on a two-way conversation.

– The Ironistic Team

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Video Content & Optimization

Video and local SEO! I predict these trends will only continue to grow in the new year and it’s 100% for the best. Video content and optimization is something I’ve gained more of an interest in during 2020 and I’m excited to see some movement and evolution here in 2021. Local SEO has been huge in 2020, especially with the newer features added to Google My Business due to COVID. I hope to see newer and more advanced features arise in 2021.

– The Ironistic Team

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Updated Google My Business Listings

Updated Google My Business Listings – A problem I’ve seen for far too many companies is them not having an updated or accurate Google My Business Listing. As a user myself, I’m aware that this is the first thing to look at on Google to verify the company’s contact information, location and business hours. Due to the state of 2020 and COVID, internet usage/dependency has become somewhat “crucial” for daily living and finding accurate information in regards to how businesses have responded to COVID. Going into 2021, I would love to see more updated information in those listings so we are able to quickly tell if a restaurant is “take-out only” or if they have the option to dine-in as well. When people are so dependent on finding accurate information quickly, updating a Google listing is something every company, restaurant, and place of business should put as a priority.

– Kelsey LaCourse, Project Manager

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Miscellaneous Efforts Online and Offline

1 – Brands need to see the security of their users’ data as an asset instead of a hurdle to overcome. 

2 – Brands could benefit from an increased focus on live platforms (Twitch, Discord, Reddit AMAs, Podcasting) to improve the reach. I’m starting to see a sharp increase in usage here from personal to corporate brands, and it has proven quite a resilient practice even in this pandemic.

3 – I can see a return to brand partnerships and audience sharing become a priority, driven mostly by the potency of this practice in the podcast space. 

4 – With the COVID Vaccine on the horizon, a large subset of the population will be looking for an escape. Prepare to see a sharp increase in mental well-being and entertainment web services.

5 – After the 2008 Recession, there was a rise in tech innovation (Uber, AirBnB to name a few). Prepare to see another wave of tech innovation post-COVID Recession, driven by the capabilities of 5G and AI!

– The Ironistic Team

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Implemented Virtual Collaboration

Virtual events with conversations, break out groups, and/or activities! I once attended a virtual conference that took time for each of us to do activities that made us feel included and like we could take away what we learned and implement it into our various fields. Virtual events aren’t going away anytime soon, and attendee engagement is really important!

– Sarah Kelley, Sr. Digital Strategist

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Animated Social Strategy

– Instagram Reels

– SEO on Instagram

– Interactive Content using animations on websites & social posts

– Going live with video and webinars

– Repurposing content across channels

– The Ironistic Team

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