Why Is My Website Slow To Load?


Ever wonder, why is my website so slow to load?

Get some Ironistic insight into common issues that may slow your site’s page load speed.

Get lazy with lots of images — really.

One of the factors that affects slow page load speed would be images. If a page is going to contain a lot of images, consider implementing lazy loading to the images.

– Vee Lee, Lead Developer


Boost your signal.

Bandwidth: I will be catching up on news and then I’ll move across the room or building to discover that the page requested is stuck at 30% all because of a weak signal. Either my WIFI signal is nearly one bar or I have zero cellular bars.

– Justin Trevorrow, Web Developer

Downsize — the right way.

One typical issue we see all the time is large images. Using images that are 2MB or more that are then scaled down into a small callout section without proper resizing or optimization drastically hurts page load speed.

– Josh Hall, Front End Developer


Get the (right) picture.

Incorrectly sized images. Good Lord, this drives me nuts! If your website only allows for a 300 pixel-wide image, please don’t upload a 3MB gigantic image. Resize it, save it as 72 dpi, and THEN upload it into your website. Your images and website will load soooo much faster!

– Chris Foss, Co-founder and President

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