Website Planning Steps for Success


Planning a website project? You’ve come to the right place! Check out Ironistic’s insights on the most important website planning steps for a successful site build.

Know your users. Know your goals.

Do your research and have a clear outline of your goals beforehand. Using your analytics data, you can dial into what your users are looking for and adjust your content and layouts to increase your conversion rate and reach your business goals. Taking the time to plan before any design or development work ensures a smooth process from kickoff to launch.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Services Director


Make roles and responsibilities clear.

Understanding roles and responsibilities! This is really important to lay out before you start the project in order to avoid any confusion down the road. Assigning responsibilities and getting your workflow laid out early will keep the project moving and will assure both the client and the developers are working in sync.

– Shah Faridi, Digital Strategist

See what your competitors are doing and do it better.

Research on your competitors, see what they are doing and how it can be done better. Plan out your sitemap, what images/content you would like for your targeted audience. Establish call-to-actions — what would you want your viewers to do once they are on your site.

– Vee Lee, Lead Developer


Develop your strategy before you develop your site.

The most important aspect of a website project is the strategy. Without a strategy to ensure the right audience is being spoken to and the proper functionality is incorporated in order to meet the website goals, the site serves little purpose.

– Rita Foss, Co-founder and CEO

Lay out a timeline with goals.

The most important steps in planning a website project are defining goals, overall look, assigning deliverables and setting deadlines.

– Emily Stephens, Digital Strategist

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