Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Social media is a solid choice for your digital marketing strategy – its influence is obviously prevalent. How do you determine which social sites suit your success? Ironistic is here to help. Get some insight on factors to consider when drawing up your social media marketing plans. 

Understand your audience while utilizing demographics and analytics to help your strategy.

Although you may want to jump right in with creating captivating, fun content, research and planning are the first steps in establishing an influential social media presence. Before those likes, comments, engagements, and leads can happen, you need to understand what your audience is looking for and their demographics. 

Depending on your brand and target, you could utilize videos, blog posts, sales messaging, education, and more. Once you understand your audience, the generation of ideas and engagement posts will be able to reach more people who are interested in your message or product.  

Now the fun part – analytics. Each social site and Google have extensive amounts of data collected to help you better gauge user interaction and relevance. We suggest creating a spreadsheet of each platform to compare the data and find your best fit quickly! 

The most current social media platforms to use for increasing your marketing success. 

#1 The Community Platform 

Entering the competition at number one, with no surprise, is Facebook. Facebook provides the user with finding just about anyone, anything, and most importantly, your brand/business. 

The power of finding almost everyone means a strong customer base can be achieved with proper outreach. Tips and tricks for utilizing engagement on Facebook include sharing behind-the-scenes content of your company, posting new deals of your services, and creating short posts of contests, questions, and videos that work well on this site for your social media marketing.

#2 The Informative Platform

Twitter is our runner-up at number two. Users of this platform are looking for a steady stream of information, “Twitter Wars,” and short but effective posts. 

The appeal of Twitter is the 280-character limit that makes businesses/brands write concise, engaging, and informative posts that can reach a broad audience if the posts get favored or retweeted by other partners or consumers. Utilizing hashtags in your Tweets can help people discover your company and you may even start trending! 

#3 The Creative Platform

Number three is Instagram which has recently taken off as one of the youngest social networks in terms of users. Most Instagram users are under the age of 25. Therefore, this social site is excellent for brands/companies targeting the younger generation and producing photos and short videos with small amounts of text. Instagram can help your marketing strategy if you focus on creating aesthetically pleasing and innovative content.  Read about one of our other insights about creating engaging social media graphics

#4 The Professional Platform

Our final contestant is LinkedIn. This platform is known for professionalism, networking, and B2B marketing. The LinkedIn community consists of workers, business owners, and brands looking to share and connect formally. 

This social site is the right place to start for you if you are looking for businesses as clients. Another benefit of this platform is utilizing SEO optimization of your company’s page with descriptive and relevant information while posting frequently.  

Examples of how to choose your social media site. 

Choosing a social media platform depends entirely on who your audience is and what products/services you provide them. For example, a cosmetics company will not select LinkedIn as its primary social media platform. The assets of this cosmetic company are highly image-based, with an audience of younger individuals. Therefore, a creative platform like Instagram would best match this cosmetic company as the content they could create is graphically based on fun, short messages of beauty. 

Furthermore, a company like Ironistic, a marketing website development company, and a digital agency would have the best luck utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook. The goal of Ironistic is to build a strong community base with customers on Facebook making the users feel included in their website development and marketing process. The social site LinkedIn would help grow the business-to-business outreach by finding new and relevant clients. That being said, check out our social sites and give us a share! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post about how to use social media marketing and which social site is best for your business. We hope you have found some helpful tips and tricks to grow your audience. 



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