What Are the Benefits of Interactive Website Design?

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Interactive websites are pretty neat. But do you wonder what makes a website qualify as interactive? More importantly, do you wonder how interactive website design can benefit your users and your business? Ironistic has the answers. Get some insight on this modern evolution in web design.

Interactive features should compliment your business goals.

Interactive websites take all shapes and forms. It can be as simple as offering a search feature or as complex as Google Maps. What is right for your business depends on your goals.

Ideally, businesses would like prospects to spend a sufficient amount of time on its website. If the business goal is to be a resource, then providing accurate and pertinent content is key, as long as the content can be easily found. If the business goal is to create B2B or B2C connections, then utilizing interactive filters, surveys, and maps will increase page time and matches.

– Rita Foss, Co-founder and Advisor

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Interactive website design creates a more personalized experience for your users.

An interactive website establishes an interaction between users and your content. This interaction allows your uses to have a more personalized experience beyond just browsing a website. This content is typically user-driven through methods like quizzes, capturing product reviews, comments on articles or encouraging sharing with other people.

Not only does interactivity provide a better user experience, these interactions can also be measured. Using the data you collect, you can see where/when/how users are clicking, and make adjustments to give them a more personalized experience. You can direct users to exactly what they’re looking for and create more relevant content for future visitors.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

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Interactive websites evoke engagement and action.

The thing that makes a website interactive is the ability for the user to actively engage with the content and various elements. A well-made interactive website will break past a one-way form of communication to starting a two-way conversation with the user. This could involve elements such as an online chat, the ability to leave or respond to comments or simply indicate preferences or interests that shape the individual’s experience while using the website.

Interactive website design can be extremely beneficial to both users and businesses by providing individuals a robust platform for communication, and communication is key to providing a positive user experience and valuable customer service. Businesses can obtain useful feedback and have the ability to answer user questions and solve their needs based on how they engage with their content online.

– The Ironistic Team

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Interactive website design creates positive experiences for your customers.

An interactive website allows the user to feel empowered. They can choose their own location, search, vote, ask a question – they’re in charge. These positive experiences help you gain trust with the consumer. Through their interactions, you get to know them better too – what interests them. Then you can direct them toward what they’re looking for and make them an offer they can’t refuse. You “get” them. They feel good and they want to come back. A happy customer is a loyal customer – and they’ll tell their friends too!

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

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Interactive features can help keep your website looking smart and your content fresh.

Having useful information in areas or designs that catch the eye is important to draw attention to interesting information. Animated or interactive infographics are one way to visually display information in a fun yet still useful way. Accordions that open and close to display more information make it easy to add lots of useful info without cluttering up the page. Feedback or rating systems are a good way to have your visitors interact with the site and keep your content refreshed as well. Social media is another way to get users involved with your brand and business even when they are not going to your website all the time, along with having options to share news and events with their friends.

– Josh Hall, Development Manager

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Interactive websites can increase conversions.

Interactive website design is when you allow your visitors to do something and gets a unique response back in regards to what was triggered. Interactive websites attract more visitors and to be more engaged with the website. As they become more engaged, their trust and interest grow, they will more likely become a paying customer.

– Vee Lee, Senior Front End Developer

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