How to Build a Brand Identity


How do you build and strengthen your company’s brand identity? Read on for some keen branding insight from the Iron Team.

Stick with what you know.

First, having clear guidelines about branding is key and don’t change it every few years. Upgrades are great as long as the overall look and feel of the company remains the same.

– Sarah Kelley, Project Manager


Consistency is key to being remembered.

A company’s #1 recognition is their brand. The most important thing when going about developing a company’s identity is to be consistent. Consistency with logo, fonts, and color palette are so important to strengthening a company’s identity.

Make sure the identity is consistent throughout all social media channels, website, and communications (print and web). When things are consistent, people will start recognizing and remembering your company by only the logo/iconic representation of your company.

– Faith Dallmann, Graphic Designer

Fortune favors the bold.

For brand strengthening, I see two key efforts:

1. Consistency — A strong brand has to be consistently reinforced everywhere. The voice, tone and messaging must be consistent across your website, social platforms, email outreach, print materials, commercials… everywhere. Think of the strongest brands you know: Apple, Nike, McDonalds, Coke. You probably have a mental image of each of them, and those brands reinforce that image as often as possible. You have to do the same with your brand.

2. Be bold — Do you know any strong brands that tout “pretty good” services or “average” products? No. You’re changing the world with your company! Our client Quantum Xchange is “pioneering” the way forward in the quantum communications world. Boodle.AI is the “leading” machine learning fundraising platform. Acendre is “the world’s most configurable HR software”. Bold language like this is essential for a strong brand!

– Chris Foss, President and Co-Founder


Get with the program.

First and foremost, it’s important that we understand the mission and goals of a company before we can begin to develop an identity. Once a company nails down who they are and what they stand for, we can start developing their branding and voice.

– Rebecca Howard, Marketing Assistant

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