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Internal DNS Issues

The big launch day is here, and the new site that you have worked hard with the team at Ironistic to design and build is going to go live. You have a press release ready to go, and it is all going according to plan. The long-awaited email or call comes in from your Ironistic Digital […]

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The Benefits of Ironstrap

While we know the foundation and framework of web design is critical to its success, functionality and performance are imperative to the final vision. Here at Ironistic, we use Ironstrap, our own proprietary developer’s tool used to build and maintain professional websites using WordPress (WP) framework. In fact, our developers no longer spend wasted hours […]

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Google Maps API Updates: What You Need to Know Now

Just a year ago, in the summer of 2018, Google decided to revamp its usage billing for almost all of its APIs. While they were nice enough to grant a generous grace period, that time has now passed. Now, you’ll need to get with their program, and Ironistic is here to help you do just […]

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