AWS Server Migration

migrating to AWSAs technology continues to expand, the speed and usability of your company’s website should evolve at a similar rate. After all, your company uses your website to conduct business every day! Ironistic is proud to say that we’ve got your back. Since late last year we have been organizing, planning, and coordinating a large scale server infrastructure hosting migration to better serve client needs and provide added features and functionality at the same affordable hosting rates. This has been done to further evolve our services and provide the best environment possible for your websites. 

We are still wrapping up the final sites being migrated while working with clients directly to coordinate DNS configuration and updates. If you hear from our Iron Quality (IQ) team about this migration, be sure to assist so we can safely move your sites over with no service interruptions. To make a long story short, we’re here to make your website run faster and smoother at no additional cost — and that’s all part of being a treasured client of Ironistic. Feel free to call this added value to your current contract a “brand new service” for your business. But in our eyes, it’s an expected courtesy when maintaining our clients’ top-notch websites.

Overall in your day to day, you won’t notice anything different since most of this happens behind the scenes. (Website updates with zero inconvenience on your end? Talk about a score!) In summary, the added functionality enables quicker response times and alerts for decreases in performance. Some additional highlights include:

  • We’re now part of one of the largest hosting backbones on the planet with unlimited server capacity
  • 99.99% SLA for each Amazon EC2 region with multiple availability zones
  • AWS supports multiple security standards and compliance certifications including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR and more
  • Auto Scaling to allow scaling up for additional resources (computing and storage) when demand and traffic increase

During this first phase of the migration, we focused on an optimal setup for the environment and moving all sites over safely. We’re proud to announce that this is just the beginning of our planned upgrades for this environment as more improvements are being planned. In every department at Ironistic, we are constantly strategizing ways to get your business more traction on the web — whether that be in the form of marketing, advertising, or just a stellar website that looks great and runs smoothly. As you continue to conduct business online, what are your #websitegoals for the future of your company? How would a content or usability update to your current site make an overall impact on how your business presents itself on the web? Drop a comment below!


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