Why You Should Use Video to Promote Your Business


If you’re more likely to throw on your favorite Netflix series before browsing that bookshelf of untouched novels (no judgement), you’re definitely not alone. The act of absorbing content of any kind through video has been proven to increase engagement, build trust, and thoroughly explain topics of interest better than words alone. And this phenomenon can easily be applied to your organization’s online goals! Here’s why you should use video to promote your business.

There’s a method behind the video madness.

In 2000, Microsoft conducted a study measuring how long people can focus on one thing for a specific amount of time. The results showed the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds. About 15 years later, it dropped to 8 seconds. A recent study from the Technical University of Denmark suggests our collective global attention span is narrowing because of the abundance of information presented to us.

Video is a great way to promote your business because it allows you to capture your audience in a visually compelling way. You can portray a larger amount of information through video than words alone by combining video and audio, and including text overlays to convey your message in a concise way. Having a well-produced video can also expand the user’s attention span by incorporating attractive visuals to keep them engaged and evoke emotion to drive decision-making. Beyond the psychological benefits of using video to promote your business, YouTube videos can also be optimized to show up in Google’s search engine results (SERP) to get the right information in front of the right viewers based on the information they are searching for. YouTube is a widely used platform with over 2 billion logged-in users each month. YouTube video ads can also be a great way to target your video message to the right audience on a platform that they are already using on the regular.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Production Services

Why video? Here are some stats. And if these don’t convince you that you need to incorporate video into your overall business strategy, I don’t know what will!
72% of customers would rather learn about your business’s product or service through video
– YouTube is the second most popular site on the web (after Google, of course).
– By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer web traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.
– Users view over 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube.

– Rebecca Howard, SEO Specialist

Did you know that videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined!? Crazy, right? Video helps stop the scroll and can significantly increase your brand engagement. Video also lets you add a more personal feel to your message and it’s proven to provide the best search engine results. The list could go on and on about why you should start using video in your marketing strategy. If you have the resources to create awesome short-form videos, what are you waiting for? Start now!

– Alexis Bignotti, Social Media Specialist

Video delivers your message in a quick and impactful way.

Video will always be more impactful and engaging than still photography. Especially when users’ attention spans are so short. A video will make a user pause, and if done well, watch your entire video. There are many different ways to use video to promote your business. You can demonstrate how your product is used, you can use video to show testimonials from happy customers, or explain various services you may provide. By creating these videos and sharing them on social media, you can help cultivate a community with your customers which will eventually turn into brand loyalty and lead to more conversions.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

Just look at the most popular apps today and you will see a recurring trend. Short videos are becoming the quickest and best way to convey a short message. Video also gives you more creative freedom over flat text. It is helpful to save this for your most important or quick updates to avoid overuse unless you plan to fully invest in that style of promotion over time. Keep in mind that you will also want to ensure you meet accessibility standards and provide a transcript as part of the video too.

– Josh Hall, Development Manager

If a person can watch a 30-second video instead of reading two paragraphs of text, you will be better off every time. We consume so much information in a day because of the electronic world that we live in, that the faster we can consume it, the better. It also provides a great opportunity to incorporate more visual cues than you are able to when using just text and maybe a couple of images.

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

Video tells your audience a story without reading a bunch of text they probably won’t read through anyways. It also increases conversions and email marketing CTR. Video marketing improves SEM because it builds trust, helps explain complex subjects, and boosts social media engagement!

– Samantha Neuhring, Graphic Designer

Video is engaging and eye-catching! Many users typically skim through pages, reading titles and browsing images. Video has the tendency to draw a user’s attention in for longer, maybe convincing them that your services are worth reading more than just titles on your webpage 🙂

– Sarah Kelley Engeset, Sr. Digital Strategist

Video allows you to tell your story in a more emotionally engaging way and provides personality behind the text on your site. It can also do this in much less time than text alone.

– Jose Rubiani, Project Manager

Videos provide a more engaging and memorable way to tell your brand’s story. And since Google owns YouTube, it can help with SEO too! Uploading and optimizing content on YouTube can help boost your search rankings.

– Aubre Pierce-Lackey, Project Manager

Video drives engagement and tells a story. Your business should display who you are and what you offer through video so users can get a glimpse of why they should continue to engage with you.

– Emily Stephens, PPC Specialist

Video is a much better propaganda medium than text. Also, human attention is more easily grabbed by moving objects. (Just like cats.)

– Sarah Kelley Engeset, Sr. Digital Strategist

Pay special attention to how eye-catching things are. There’s a flow to how people read a section of a website, and you want that person’s eye to stop on the right things. Make sure you are leading their eyes to the items that you want them to take notice of!

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

Google loves video! People love video! Need I say more?

– Kristen Fischetti, Content Stylist

Everyone loves visuals!

– Jennie Linn, Project Manager

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