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Through the redesign of MAG Aerospace’s website, our primary goal was to create a captivating platform that authentically reflected the brand’s mission through Ironisitic’s web design and development services. We meticulously incorporated cutting-edge web technology, ensuring optimized speed and seamless mobile access.

Meet the Client

World leader in full-spectrum, outsourced Aerial ISR services. 

MAG Aerospace, the world leader in full-spectrum, outsourced Aerial ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) services, is not just your ordinary company. It embodies the essence of turning thoughts into action, transforming experience into inspiration, and making a difference when it matters most. Founded by Joe Fluet, MAG was born out of his profound experience during an Afghanistan deployment. Recognizing the crucial role of Aerial ISR in mission success, he realized the immense value it brought in saving time, resources, and, most significantly, lives. Today, MAG stands as a powerhouse with over 900 employees serving clients across five continents. With their unrivaled expertise, MAG sets the benchmark in the industry, delivering comprehensive manned and unmanned ISR Operations, Training, and Technical Services to federal, civilian, corporate, and international clients.

Their Objective

Creating a captivating online presence that showcases their unique strengths and remarkable abilities.

When MAG turned to Ironistic for a new website, they found themselves surrounded by a sea of disjointed dot-coms. These outdated sites lacked a cohesive brand, weren’t mobile-responsive, and were a pain to maintain. Just like many of our clients, MAG wanted a single online platform that truly showcased their organization’s strengths and abilities. Recognizing the vital role a website plays in a company’s image and appeal, they understood the need for a site that would align with their mission and goals. Ironistic was thrilled to join forces with MAG to embark on this exciting journey.

Ironistic Solution

Engage the user with a visually impressive design.

We’ve successfully unified their various websites into a dominant showcase, paving the way for a captivating user experience. The new MAG site seamlessly integrates their brand throughout the design, highlighting their mission and values. It showcases the remarkable work they do and their unique approach. The layout is not only intuitive but visually stunning, designed to immediately captivate visitors and encourage exploration. 

Furthermore, the website incorporates compelling media, striking graphics, breadcrumb links, call-to-actions, and key content, all of which convey the exceptional service and performance MAG provides. For their ISR services, we’ve presented them in an appealing and flexible format, offering quick snapshots and detailed drill-downs that include videos and core messaging.

Additionally, we designed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with such elements as continuous content creation, SEO, and Google Ad creation and implementation, just to name a few. We also created a custom Use Case map for MAG, illustrating their global presence and impact. To enable easy management, we implemented a dynamic WordPress content management system that allows MAG admins to easily make changes, edits, and updates to the site as needed. 

Finally, they’ve also entrusted Ironisitic’s web hosting and maintenance services to ensure that their site is always operating at the highest levels with our ongoing performance audits, security, and compliance updates. The site is also fully mobile responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Furthermore, Ironistic recently launched a low bandwidth version of the MAG site allowing team members in remote locations with limited internet or cellular access to stay connected to valuable resources.

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