Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns


There’s really no better way to remind folks that the holidays are right around the corner than with an innovative campaign to celebrate the season. Our team at Ironistic knows how important it is to make an impact with help from the many digital tools available at our fingertips — and we love to get inspiration from companies and organizations who feel the same way! Check out our favorite holiday campaigns and why they’re important to us. 

Campaigns That Give Back

My favorite holiday campaigns are those that involve giving back! A photographer I know does a free holiday photoshoot for families in downtown Steamboat next to Santa’s office. Kids can put their Christmas lists in the mailbox and Santa comes out and talks to them — so fun! The photographer gives them a free holiday photo if they come during specific times to get their picture taken. Plus, she does it all on her own and she always has a massive following around the holidays. Super cool idea to give back to the community!

– Samantha Neuhring, Graphic Designer


Tech-savvy Traditions for All Ages

I love Google’s Santa Tracker. The features evolve every year so I’m always excited to see what’s new. I love how it combines the belief in Santa with real modern-day technology. It’s perfect for children because it teaches them about the internet and also allows them to still be a kid. I have to admit, even as an adult I enjoy looking at it around the holidays!

– Alexis Bignotti, Social Media Specialist

Videos with a Purpose

The Edeka Group — a German supermarket corporation — has a holiday campaign that is totally relatable in any language! Check out these videos that will definitely pull at your heartstrings.



– Kristen Fischetti, Content Stylist


Creativity at Ironistic

A Smorgasbord of Favorites!

  1. Starbucks Cups – Fun way to start the season!
  2. REI – #OptOutside – Spend Black Friday outside instead of shopping!
  3. WestJet Christmas Miracle – Gifts for everyone on the plane!
  4. Ghirardelli – ‘Tis the Season for Squaring – Great candy along with recipes, coupons, and a personalized digital card to share with those you love!
  5. Edeka Supermarket – Tear jerker but wonderful!

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

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