The Importance of Brand Style Guides


It’s hard to talk about the importance of brand style guides without using the word “consistency”, and as a full-service digital agency, Ironistic prioritizes showcasing professionalism and amplified voices for all of our clients. Check out our takes on why brand style guides add value to a business’s digital presence.

Again … keep it consistent.

When thinking about your brand, it is always important to lay out strict guides on how certain colors should be used, how the logo should be used, and all the different formats you want to stick to. Having a strict control over this is important to establish consistent messaging. If you were to design your logo one way, and then use completely different colors for it in another place, that ultimately hurts your brand and can cause confusion or distrust with customers.

– David Shayne, Front End Developer


Build brand recognition.

Brand and style guidelines are essential to building brand consistency. Brand consistency helps build brand recognition across all marketing and advertising platforms making it easy for your current and potential customers to identify that your messaging is coming from your brand. Consistency helps your brand stand out and shine amidst a sea of messages that they encounter from brands daily. Consistency also drives brand awareness and builds trust.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Production Services

Consistency makes the difference.

Unless you are a sole proprietor one-man-band and do all of your own design work, you should consider making a brand and style guide for your company. Consistency makes the difference in a professional look and feel for your website and your materials. Once you choose and lay out how you want to present your company it is possible for everyone to maintain a singular look and feel for your brand.

– Kristen Fischetti, Content Stylist


Continuous brand experience.

A style guide helps to ensure a continuous brand experience. The consistency across every platform helps build a brand and brand loyalty. People love consistency!!!

– Alexis Bignotti, Social Media Specialist

Consistency is key!

This is why it’s a huge asset for a company to have both brand and style guides.

– Sarah Kelley, Digital Strategist


Create pristine brand messaging.

Ever asked someone to create a new document, presentation, or web page and tell them to make your logo “look good” without passing along your brand guidelines? Well, when it comes back blinking with a glow AND a drop shadow behind it, you’ll know the importance of brand and style guides. As your brand is leveraged in more print and online materials, consistency and accuracy are vitally important – for both your internal and external users. Your staff represents and explains your company and your brand just about every day, which means they are your first brand ambassadors. If you don’t specify how to represent your brand, then they can quickly go off-script and multiple versions of your brand and messaging can quickly circulate. It’s kind of like the telephone game. Imagine playing the telephone game with 10 people, and read them your mission statement. See how it comes out? Pro tip: send a written script along with each of those telephone touch points, and your messaging will come out pristine on the other end!

– Chris Foss, Co-Founder & President

Do you see a theme here?

Brand and style guides allow for every piece of marketing and collateral to be consistent. Over time, your key audience will build brand recognition when they see your logo, colors, and assets.

– Emily Stephens, PPC Specialist


Make your brand recognizable.

Brand and style guides are crucial! They’re the foundation for how your business appears on and offline. A brand guide helps your internal team and external partners use a cohesive voice and appearance in all mediums. A brand guide includes information relating to how you talk about your products or services, what type of language you use: conversational? technical? etc. It can also include information regarding how your logo should be used, what colors you should use, what fonts should be chosen. Sometimes brand guides will include details on photography. Creating a comprehensive brand guide and referring to it often will ensure your marketing materials have the same look and feel every time, no matter who works on them. Over time, this will help make your brand recognizable to your users and help validate your business.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

Builds trust.

Brand and style guides help a company build trust – both with its employees and its customers. The guides are a reference point for employees. It gives them a solid framework to use as they start a project. The guides are important in establishing a strong brand voice. This resonates with the public making your brand recognizable and, over time, builds trust. Customers love working with a company they can trust!

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources


Critical to ensure uniformity.

Branding and style guidelines are critical to ensuring uniformity and ultimately public recognition. For example, having the same logo and logo colors on your website, business cards, promotional pieces, etc. creates the perception of professionalism with your viewers. Additionally, this visual repetition increases their likelihood of recognizing your business/organization later down the road.

– Anika Mercier, Account Coordinator

Define standards.

Brand and style guides are important because they define standards for all of your media and communication. Inconsistent logos, colors, fonts, etc can have a negative impact on your audience. In addition, the existence of style guides helps to further not just the message but also the internal execution of plan(s) and strategies.

– Justin Trevorrow, Technical Manager


Give your users better experiences.

Having a brand and style guide is an absolute must! In having this, it gives your site a uniform look that gives the user a better experience. If things look and feel the same from one page to the next, users won’t feel like they are leaving your site and going to another one. It also creates a familiarity with the site that allows them to more easily navigate through the pages.

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

Gain trust from your audience.

Brand and style guides are so important to maintaining a consistent brand voice that resonates with your current and future clients. Without even knowing it, your consumers actually expect design consistency. A brand that doesn’t follow uniform guidelines can confuse your users and even make them distrust your brand as a whole.

– Kelsey LaCourse, Account Coordinator


Stand out from the crowd!

Brand style guides ensure that content distinguishes a brand from its competitors, and is cohesive. Staying on-brand is a must in the design world. You want your users to easily pick you out of the crowd.

– Samantha Neuhring, Graphic Designer

Define standards.

Branding and style guides are the identity of a client. They are valuable tools that create consistency online and throughout a client’s marketing materials. Having consistency in branding displays the clients’ professionalism and reliability.

– Andrea Macino, Director of Account Services

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