B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2022

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Where will B2B content marketing take us in 2022?

Our digital marketing gurus can all agree on one thing – quality > quantity, baby! B2B marketers need to be able to deliver the best quality content in short-form to keep viewers interested and wanting more. Find out what other B2B content marketing trends we predict will be hot in 2022 and beyond.

Show, Don’t Tell.

More voice-activated searches, real-time interactions, and blogs becoming more short-form content. Showing your audience how to do it will be more valuable than telling your audience how to do it. More hand-holding and walking them through the process.

– The Ironistic Team

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Short and Sweet.

Video and animation isn’t a new trend but is one that will continue to be an important part of the B2B content marketing mix. I think we’ll also see an upward trend of short, digestible, and interactive content in the B2B world. LinkedIn stories, polls, and articles have been performing well on our B2B clients’ LinkedIn accounts. People are busy and don’t always have the time (or desire) to spend 20+ minutes reading through a long-form blog post from a company they know little or nothing about. The short quick-hit content is a great way to increase your brand recognition and build thought leadership. Once you’ve established brand awareness and trust, content consumers are more likely to invest the time to read what you have to say in your long-form content. When you produce long-form content, make sure it is unique and provides value to your intended audience.

The Ironistic Team

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Results-driven content.

A focus on results — whether it be through video, statistics, or testimonials. Something displayed in a visual way to show why a company should hire you to meet their goals. How can you prove yourself and what can you promote that’s going to one-up you over another company?

– Sarah Kelley Engeset, Sr. Digital Strategist

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Update your blog with strong, relevant content.

Blogging has been a trend for quite some time, and honestly, it’s not going away. Blogging can position your business as an “industry thought leader” and is great for SEO. To build more trust with your audience, and gain more traffic to your site, putting out blog content is a great way to go.

– Kelsey LaCourse, Project Manager

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I can see small companies start mimicking the growth plan of influencers (building large followings, creating small-form easily digestible videos that lead to longer-form content that establishes their reputation) in order to create personal relationships. I can also see larger companies create many smaller subsidiaries to leverage this.

– The Ironistic Team

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