How to Choose the Best Digital Advertising Platforms

Every business needs to build its brand and get its message across to its audiences. An online marketing platform combines the benefits of a business directory, local search engine, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, and content management systems.  So, how do you choose the best digital advertising platform for your specific needs and goals? Let us get into these three tips from the digital gurus at Ironistic! 

1. Research, research, research (should we say it again?)

The more you know…the better. Ask your team what your PPC budget is. Who is your target audience? What are some risks/benefits of the platform? What is the cost per click (CPC)? Have you estimated the reach and clicks of the digital advertising platform? Ultimately, you want to clearly understand what each platform will get you, the cost to achieve your goals, and how your advertising will look to your target audience. 

2. Your data, audience, and goals.

As you know, data is so crucial in the digital marketing world. When looking for advertising platforms for your business, answer the following questions first. How are people getting to your website? Directly? Search engines? Social media? Email marketing? Check your site’s analytics to see how your users are arriving and plan accordingly. 

Who is your audience? By narrowing in on your target audience’s demographics, you will be able to select the platforms that particular demographic uses the most – and avoid the platforms that will not render any conversions. 

Last but not least, what business goals will you be aiming to meet with the advertising: 

  • Are you promoting a service or product on Google Ads? 
  • Hoping to promote a new brand or upcoming event on Facebook? 
  • Showing how fun your company is in a new hiring message by recording a TikTok? 

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can narrow down what online advertising platform will better promote your content. Partner with Ironistic to get a clear digital strategy with defined goals that we will focus on to achieve your online goals by making an IMPACT on your audience through proven digital strategy services!

3. Go big and go local.

Where does your target audience “live” on the internet, and where are they making buying decisions? For example, your audience may love to hang out on Facebook, but they might be more focused on the business decision when they are on LinkedIn. 

Based on our experience, almost everyone lives on Google, so Google Ads should almost certainly be part of your campaign. In addition, according to industry data, nine out of ten online users run internet searches via Google…enough said. 

Through research and testing, we can also find more specific outlets for advertising your products and services, even down to specific sites. We advertise our RUN! GEEK! RUN! 5K on social media, but we also have advertisements in the Alexandria Times because that’s where this local event takes place every year.

Take the first step.

You are now well-equipped with the starting steps to choose the best online advertising platform for your business’ needs/goals. In the intimidating digital marketing world, we recommend staying organized, setting due dates, and remaining true to your company’s values. 

Never hesitate to contact us at Ironistic for smart digital marketing strategies and solutions. And continue reading our IronInsights for more helpful tips, tricks, and knowledge!


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