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Tips on Giving Effective Design Feedback

“Everyone’s a critic” is an adage that rings true for a reason – everyone is indeed a critic and has opinions that are valid. However, just because everyone is a critic doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to give constructive criticism. That is especially true when it comes to critiquing design previews. Many times, non-designers […]

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Why Should Your Site Be Responsive?

A few short years ago, I remember having several clients ask for two versions of their site, a desktop version in addition to a mobile website. When a user first visited the client’s site, the site would detect what kind of browser was accessing the site and display the correct version. It was an adequate, […]

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Responsible Developers ALWAYS Include Responsive Web Design

Do not pay extra for responsive (responsible) web design, period. But I would like you to read on to hear my thoughts. So please do so! When you start on a new web project, you expect to get the best new features available, right? Well, I do. That is why we never charge extra for […]

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