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Ironistic’s Award Winning Web Design!

Ironistic measures our success primarily by our customers’ satisfaction with the websites we build and the marketing services we provide. That’s the real reward behind our work. It’s certainly gratifying, however, when outside entities recognize us for what we’ve done – and continue to do – for our clients and the community.

Here are some of the awards we’ve collected over the past few years:

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce “Best Overall Business” Award

This was a big one for us – we certainly weren’t expecting it! 

award winning web design

“The Alexandria business community has been incredibly supportive of Ironistic since our inception in 2012, and we are extremely proud and humbled to receive this award from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce,” said Rita Foss, Chief Executive Officer of Ironistic. “We couldn’t have been so successful without our dedicated employees, amazing partners, and fantastic clients that we work with daily.”

It was an incredible honor to be named 2017’s Best Overall Business by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber annually recognizes businesses who play a significant role in driving Alexandria’s business community and economic growth. Each nominee for this particular award is graded in seven categories ranging from business impact and charitable involvement to marketing and sustainability. We were fortunate to be selected as the Best Overall Business from a very competitive group of nominations.

“Ironistic represents the very best of what Alexandria has to offer and has become an essential part of the fabric of our business community,” said the Chamber’s Chairman of the Board Dak Hardwick.

Those words mean a lot to us, as they recognize our growth over a short five-year period into a successful medium-sized business with a reputation for excellence among clients of all sizes from every type of industry and all across the nation. The credit truly goes to our dedicated employees, amazing partners and fantastic clients that we work with on a daily basis.

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DotComm Awards

We received not one, but two dotCOMM awards for 2017, both in the category of Website Creativity/Website Design.

This international award is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, one of the largest, oldest and most respected evaluators of creative work in the marketing and communication industry. The DotComm awards recognize excellence in web creativity and digital communication, and they are unique in their emphasis on the creative aspect of web design. There are three levels of award: Platinum, Gold, and Honorable Mention.

With more than 2000 entries from around the world for the 2017 competition, only 13% won the Platinum award. Thirteen percent of the entries won Gold and 5% won Honorable Mention, so it was quite an honor for Ironistic to win both a Platinum and Gold award (ASCE Infrastructure Report Card and REI Systems, respectively).

Platinum Award for the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) 2017 Infrastructure Report Card Website

ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card is a comprehensive online report on the state of America’s infrastructure systems released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) every four years. Although we started hosting the Report Card website in 2014, our team entirely redesigned the 2017 Report Card website. It incorporated several new features, including unprecedented levels of public and social engagement, API integration for legislative action, content tracking, interactive data visualizations, and a mobile application for iOS and Android. For more details on the app and website, check out our press release announcing the launch.

Gold Award for REI System’s Re-designed Website

Launched in April 2017, Ironistic completely re-designed REI Systems’ website. Ironistic significantly improved both the design and functionality of REI’s website, a company that provides innovative technology solutions to government organizations. Scott Fletcher, REI’s COO, said, “We wanted this website to capture what’s most important to us at REI — our customers and their missions — and we think this website does just that.”

These awards are a tremendous accomplishment for us because, as dotCOMM points out, “Winning a dotCOMM award signifies to employers, clients, prospects and competitors that the winner’s web and digital work is among the best in the industry.”

2016 Chamber Rising Star Award

In 2016 the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce awarded the Rising Star Award to our very own CEO Rita Foss for her leadership and outstanding contributions to the Chamber’s Women’s Professional Network (WPN). The Chamber Rising Star Award is presented to a Chamber Member who has distinguished themselves through volunteer contributions to Chamber events and programs throughout the year.

As a member of the Steering Committee for the Women’s Professional Network, Rita is integrally involved with organizing several WPN events such as Coffee and Connections, Perfect Pairings and the annual Women’s Leadership Forum. All these events serve to foster educational opportunities, networking and support among professional women in the Alexandria area.

“I love being a part of this incredible group of women and being able to help mentor fellow businesswomen. We’re all in this together, so it helps to learn from one another,” said Rita.

Google Gold Partner Recognition

Thanks to the efforts of Janet Waring, our Google Education Coordinator, Ironistic was recognized for achieving the Gold tier of achievement as an official Google Partner. Through our Google partnership, Janet hosts various Google-sponsored workshops at local Chambers of Commerce, including Germantown, Gaithersburg, Mount Vernon, and Alexandria. These interactive workshops help businesses learn the best practices for search engines that support the growth of their online presence, including becoming verified and up to date on Google maps.

Beginning in 2016 — the year the Google partnership began — Janet hosted two workshops. Just one year later, that number grew to 10, with topics ranging from social media to Google Analytics. Although Janet takes time out of her schedule to conduct these workshops on a voluntary basis, she loves doing them:

“I have fun using my experience with Google services to help businesses realize what Google offers and maximize those services to help their online presence,” she says. “Google is changing all the time and as long as there are businesses that want the training, I’m happy to provide it.”


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