Virtual Spontaneous Combustion 2020

Come hang with the Ironistic and HudsonLake crew for a very special Spontaneous Combustion on Thursday, October 1st. From 5-7pm ET, you can make your way into a virtual 2-D world on Gather.Town (way better than zoom!). Don’t miss out! Register today and we’ll “see” you there.

Guest List:



Alexis Bignotti - Ironistic

Anika Mercier - Ironistic

Ann Pallasch Pallasch - Bonaventure Realty

April Burghardt - Quantum Xchange

Ari Burstein - Capital Markets Strategies

Aubre Pierce-Lackey - Ironistic

Bill Fischer - Big Sky Associates

Chris Barnes - IIBEC

Chris Foss - Ironistic

Chris ODonnell - Development Essentials

Clark Bavin - Video Solutions

Cynthia Coy-Blackwell - Uncaged Solutions LLC

Dave Springer - M.U.T.A.N.T. Enterprises

David Shayne - Ironistic

Evan Weisel - W2 Communications

Frazier OLeary - Networking For Good

Fulvio Padova - HudsonLake

Garrett Engeset - HudusonLake

Georgina Palma - JGW & Associates

GinaRenee Autrey - Kleinschmidt Associates

Hannah Taylor - Ironistic

Heidi Blade - KNF Neuberger


Jared Engeset - HudsonLake

Joe Abusamra - GovStrive

Jonathan G. Willen - Jonathan G. Willen and Associates, Inc.

Jose Rubiani - Ironistic

Joshua Himes - DoD

Justin Trevorrow - Ironistic

Karen DISaia - DiSaia Management

Katey Springle Lempka - IIBEC

Keinan Ashkenazi - WhoHub

Kristen Essex - Organization for Autism Research

Libby Bingham - American Inns of Court

Linda Hagopian - Ericom Software

Liz Fontaine - BGR

Liz Lake - HudsonLake

Mary Ann Jacobsen - Ironistic

MaryAlyce Torpy - Rapid Trauma Recovery

masud rana Chy - It Lab Solutions

Michael Kettles - Cure Glaucoma Foundation

Michelle Harrington - Vitaflo

Ollie Nicoll - Hudson Studio

Phillip Wang - Gather

Phim Gilberry - HarmonyTech

Quinton Crenshaw - HudsonLake

Rebecca Howard - Ironistic

Rita Foss - Ironistic

Samuel Bartels - Deltanet

Sandra Giralt-Parkins - HudsonLake

Sarah Daley - Common Ground Alliance

sarah phillips - HudsonLake

Shah Faridi - Ironistic

Stacey Hudson Padova - HudsonLake

Teagan Taylor - Ironistic (intern in training)

Tonya Bouley - Investment Company Institute

Tonya Bouley - Investment Company Institute

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