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Raydoor is a New York City-based design and manufacturing company founded in 2000 by furniture designer, artist & entrepreneur Luke Siegel. Raydoor sliding walls and doors are built and manufactured here in the US and are used in hundreds of hotels and luxury homes and apartments around the world.

The Raydoor staff are a talented team from varying design backgrounds with ambitions of seeing a great project become a reality. In 2009, Raydoor was awarded its first patent for its Interior Space Dividing System. What started in a studio apartment has now expanded to an office and showroom on 29th and Sixth Avenue with a new manufacturing facility in Deer Park Long Island.

Raydoor partnered with Ironistic to showcase their products in a visually compelling way and provide educational installation instructions while also focusing on increased brand penetration and driving online conversions.


The new site provides an easy way for website users to request a quote, schedule a showroom visit, sign up for email updates, and contact Raydoor online.


To assist Raydoor in reaching new customers, Ironistic continuously provides marketing services including SEO, email outreach, PPC advertising, and UX/UI improvements to name a few.





Ironistic launched a custom designed website for Raydoor in 2016. The new site added dynamic content users can engage with such as roll-over sections on the homepage that resembles the motion of sliding doors, custom curtain-style navigation, a variety of galleries, and a specially made resource center.

The full product catalog was custom built to showcase Raydoor’s unique products, and visitors can search by system, use, style and options.

The landing pages include an interactive display interface that allows users to preview product options – inserts, patterns, tracks, and hardware. Custom gifs and galleries are also included on each page to further demonstrate the capabilities of each product. The navigation menu is flexible, allowing for easy updates to images, hover effects, and other display options.

In addition to the functionality and user experience, the navigation project considered the overall user journey. The updated site map was strategically updated based on historical data and analytics on past users and what path successfully guided users to conversion points.

Ironistic also provides Raydoor monthly digital marketing support to assist with SEO, Adwords and social media ads maintenance, social media strategy, email marketing, and more.

All of these efforts support website projects and updates.

“Website traffic has continually increased since we launched the new website with Ironistic in 2016. March 2018 was the highest traffic and conversions we recorded in history – based on our past and current site analytics. We’ve already noticed an increase in the duration of time users are spending on the site since the navigation update we did in April.”

Ryan Anderson
Marketing Director, Raydoor

Unique Website Users

Website Conversions

(request a quote, contact us forms, request an appointment, etc.)

New Website Visitors

Quotes Requested



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