Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to millennials We’re the group people call lazy, narcissistic, and fickle. We’re called delusional and materialistic. We’re also the group people call open-minded, supportive, and confident. We’re called upbeat, hip, and creative. We ARE Generation “Y” the Millennials.

For a while now marketers have been trying to understand generation Y. Are we open-minded and supportive of new ideas or are we narcissistic and narrow minded? The debate has and will continue to go on, but one fact is true: millennials represent the digital era.

Being that I, myself, am a millennial and a marketing major, it was interesting to see just how difficult it is to market to this particular generation. Millennials represent people between the ages of 18-34 who are now at an age where they will be making big decisions and big purchases, making them the main focus for many businesses. Being born and raised in an era of technology, traditional marketing no longer caters to this particular generation. Marketers must now cater to the things millennials love. I have compiled a short list of a few that are generally accepted.

We (Millennials) LOVE:

  1. Music:
    We are willing to spend a ton of money to go to music festivals or concerts. We will pay hundreds on hundreds of dollars to buy a ticket, for transport, hotel stay, food, and alcohol. If marketers want to reach a huge millennial audience – go to or advertise at a musical event.
  2. Low Prices:
    We do not tend to be loyal to a particular brand. When shopping we will choose a new brand over one we’ve used before if the price is lower.
  3. Loyalty/ Rewards cards:
    We’re not loyal to a company or a brand, but we love the discounts, and offers that come with a loyalty card.
  4. Online Shopping:
    We care about convenience. If we don’t have to walk the extra mile, or go to ten different places to find something, we won’t. Therefore, we prefer to shop online from the convenience of our house (or in my case my bed).
  5. Friends:
    Last, but not least, we love our friends. We are a very social generation – whether it be word of mouth or through various Social Media Platforms. We ask our friends for recommendations on everything ranging from what restaurant to try to where we should buy a mattress. If marketers want to spread a message or a concept, word of mouth or friends of friends is the way to go.

The Millennial generation may seem complex and confusing, but if marketers are to keep the five things we love in mind, they have a better chance of grabbing a millennial’s attention. I know for a fact if my friend recommends a website that is having a huge sale, I’m sold.


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