Free Advertising Opportunities During COVID-19

During COVID-19, businesses have worked tirelessly to find a new normal and adjust to these unprecedented times. For many small and medium-sized businesses, marketing budgets were cut leaving little to no opportunities for companies to maintain or grow their company. Here are new ways to market your products or services for free.

Arguably one of the best mediums for paid ads and therefore, the most competitive. Google Ads has offered four ways to give small and medium businesses free advertising money.

Free Advertising Opportunities During COVID-19

Google Ads


  • Google Shopping has made listings free for advertisers in the United States. This is a golden ticket for eCommerce companies with a product inventory feed ready to go. Shopping ads are in the top section of the Google Search Results Page and take a user to the exact product on your page they’re looking for. To get started, follow Google’s easy step-by-step tutorial. 
  • Google My Business is one of the fastest ways to notify users about recent changes.  Log into your Google My Business profile to post updates, confirm your phone number to make sure customers can communicate with you, and most importantly, update your business hours. If your business is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, there’s an option for that as well. Update your Business Profile on Google.

Social Media

Facebook Pinned Posts

Create a COVID-19 update on your business page. Have your hours adjusted? Are you open? Have you changed your safety protocols? Let your customers know by creating a post and then pinning it to the top of the page for easy accessibility. 

Post frequent updates

County and CDC restrictions are changing often leaving community members unsure of what businesses are open or how their operations are affected. Use all active social media platforms to connect with your audience at least once a week on what they can expect in the near future.


Whether you want to try Instagram or Facebook stories or even hop on Facebook Live, video is a great way for your audience to hear from you, see you and connect with you. Whether you use it to provide an update, answer questions, or show your customers what your new normal is, video is one of the most engaged with pieces of content that exists. 

To learn more about maintaining a digital presence during COVID-19, contact our team of experts. 

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