Ironistic Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Dear Ironistic Family,

When the three of us started Ironistic, we knew that we wanted to build a different kind of company. Sure, we wanted to make a decent living for ourselves and our families (after all, we are a for-profit firm!) but we also focused on an overriding principle – to make a positive IMPACT for our team, for our clients, and for our community. We’ve had some amazing wins. We’ve experienced our share of setbacks. But 10 years later (10 years!!), that’s still our primary goal – make a positive impact on everyone associated with Ironistic.

We think we’re on the right track, but we have to pause and thank everyone that has helped us along the way.

To our clients, you’ve been amazing. We are proud to say that we have clients that have been with us from our inception. We’re looking at groups like OAAA, Stovall Granger, Target Distributing, Standard Graphics, MOWW, Nestlé, and more that have watched – and helped! – us grow and evolve over the years. And to some of our newer clients like our friends at Toyota, Instacart, Power Yoga, TD Jakes, myOwl, and so many others, thank you for trusting us with your online presence. We love working with each and every one of you – large and small – to move forward together.  Let’s be honest: this is an amazing group of clients!

To our partners and our community, we wouldn’t be here without you. Over the past 10 years, we have partnered with some amazing organizations – HudsonLake, Focus Data Solutions, Ward Circle Strategies, Colorworks, Alexandria Chamber, Alexandria SBDC, and so many others – we’ve worked together on some amazing projects and have created some amazing IMPACTS. From last-minute scrambles to fun with RUN! GEEK! RUN!, we’ve enjoyed partnering with some of the best in the business!

Finally, to Team Ironistic, we have two messages for you. First, a very heartfelt THANK YOU. You’ve trusted our vision since 2012, and we’ve trusted you to keep carrying us forward. We couldn’t ask for a more talented and hardworking team of digital experts. Especially those that have worked with us in the trenches right from the start – you’re incredible. Second… buckle up! We’ve got some fantastic (and insane?) ideas for the NEXT 10 years, and we hope you’re ready for the ride to continue. Let’s have some fun together and keep making impacts on our world!

Here’s to the next 10 years of positive IMPACTS!

Jared, Chris, and Rita


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