How Long Does it Take SEO to Work?


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“Patience, my dear Watson!”

Bottom line answer: SEO can take a long time because you have to prove yourself to the search engines. Do you want quick results? Buy some ads and pay for it. Google, Bing and crew are happy to take your money. But to EARN placement, you’ve got to prove to the search engines that your content is worth a high ranking.

They have to see proof that your content is valuable enough to rank high organically, so that means taking the time to optimize the content, keep the content fresh, drive traffic to the site through other efforts, create quality links back to your content, and much more. As the search engines see that your web page/site is of true value to their searchers… you win!

– Chris Foss, Co-founder and President

Search engines have evolved – have you?

In the good old days, if you optimized for a keyword, poof! You’d rank. But Google has gotten much smarter, preferring sites that have proven to be good quality over sites with a smaller amount of content who are not referenced as often, or who simply do not get a lot of traffic (the list goes on). Now, SEO has much more to do with how likely a user is to find your site useful and relevant to their search. Now, SEO isn’t just about optimizing — it’s about re-thinking your website, content marketing strategy, and even your PR strategy to become a thought leader on topics relevant to your customer base. And yeah… that takes time!

– Leah Marsden, Digital Strategist

Build a toolkit

SEO is an art! If you rush through it, it will never turn out as well as you had imagined it in your head. There needs to be proper planning and research beforehand using tools like Google Search Console and Moz to analyze keyword performance and rankings. After you’ve audited your list of keywords, make sure your site content is up to date and be patient as users start to find your site.

– Shah Faridi, Digital Strategist

You need a time-tested strategy

Simply put, SEO is not a one-and-done type of effort. Search Engine Optimization is something that should be a part of your marketing strategy forever. I often have people ask me why they don’t rank for specific keywords yet and why it takes so long — the short answer is that you haven’t proven yourself enough to Google for them to deem your site worthy of outranking your competitors…yet.

This takes a significant amount of time and effort, and it will vary based on your industry and target keyword phrases. There are literally hundreds of factors taken into consideration in Google’s algorithm when determining site placement in organic results. It goes far beyond just having keywords on your website and breaches into a wide variety of factors to include site usability, mobile friendliness, site speed, domain authority, page authority, freshness/uniqueness of content, quality of content, and so much more.

Don’t give up on your SEO tactics if you don’t see results immediately. Stay strong and keep on mastering best practices, and I am confident you will see the efforts of your labor or expenses.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing

SEO takes a balanced approach

Lori Malcolm IronInsights

It is a delicate balance of words, actions, and intent that requires focus on the end result. It evolves into a powerful tool that gives every web presence a fighting chance to earn the top spot. But it doesn’t happen overnight, so patience and observation are key.

– Lori Malcolm, Content Writer

“The times they are a’changing”

The world of technology is changing on a daily basis, which is exciting but can be time-consuming when it comes to search engine optimization. Results need to grow over time for users to really see the change they are looking for.

– Andrea Macino, Senior Digital Strategist

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