How To Make a High-Converting Landing Page


What makes a great landing page? How do you turn it into lots of conversions? Our Ironistic team give you tips and, even better, examples!

Great visuals and clear content

  • Use an eye-catching headline
  • Use pictures effectively
  • Use page credibility
  • Use some bullet point copy to make it easy on the reader
  • Use a call to action that’s 100 percent clear
  • Use testimonials/reviews
  • Use a video clip for visual engagement
  • Use methods of contact

A great landing page example is MAG Aerospace. They use their pictures effectively, showing the type of work they do, which is what the company is going for. The text is short, which makes it easier on the reader. The CTA’s on the bottom of the page are clear and to the point. The form to download the data sheet is simple and easy to use, which will encourage visitors to fill it out. Their method of contact is informative including a phone number, address, hours, and locations, which help visitors get their questions answered.

– Alexis Bignotti, Marketing Assistant

Keep it focused and remove other distractions.

When it comes to creating a high converting landing page, keep it focused on one single primary goal. In other words, what do you want someone to do when they get there? Make that the one single focus of the page with succinct supporting content or visuals to lead them to the point of conversion. Here is an example of a landing page for a webinar registration.

The more CTAs (calls to action) that you include, the more likely a visitor will be distracted and either end up completing a less valuable action on the page or no action at all. You want your content on the page to be direct and to the point while highlighting your key differentiators.

Once you build and launch a landing page it shouldn’t stop there! Continue to do A/B or multivariate testing on different elements, visuals or content to find out which converts best.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing

Have just one goal in mind.

For a GREAT landing page the purpose needs to be clear and have a smart call-to-action.

Each company needs a landing page for a different reason. To achieve a particular goal, whether that’s gaining subscribers, more publicity for your brand, or selling your product, you need to present an opportunity to opt-in.

Well-designed, focused landing pages are much more direct for achieving goals than blogs or sites that focus on multiple goals, such as highlighting popular posts, directing to e-commerce, or gaining subscribers. A landing page has ONE goal.

Research shows, the most online activity is people watching videos, and it’s a great way to pack in information about your company. Video landing pages are where it is AT! So, find your call-to-action and drive that point home!

– Kristen Fischetti, Content Specialist
high converting landing page

Make sure all your content focuses on the conversion you want.

A high-converting landing page starts with clear and concise call to actions. What do you want the user to do? Fill out a lead form? Make a purchase? Whatever it is, make it clear and repeat it often. All content on the site should be geared towards making the action happen. Give the user reasons to give you their personal information, download something, purchase an item/service, etc. It should be clear what the benefits are, what they’ll receive and why your site is the best place for them to complete that action right NOW!

– Emily Stephens, Digital Strategist

A landing page must be engaging.

The main goal of a landing page is to grab the user’s attention quickly and direct them somewhere. Choosing appealing images and having clear concise language goes a long way. Having call-to-action buttons spread throughout your sections are also a must. It’s important to keep things minimal on landing pages, as the user shouldn’t have to scroll too much to find what they’re looking for.

– David Shayne, Frontend Developer

A landing page should answer the user’s question.

High converting landing pages are the ones that best match a user’s search keywords. Landing pages should be guaranteed to answer the users request, not simply have a keyword mentioned.

– Rita Foss, Co-Founder and CEO

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