Client Notifications

Form Notification Issue Alert

We are currently experiencing SMTP issues for sites hosted on Ironistic servers. Please be advised that this will cause automated email notifications to not function, beginning around 10ET on 3/29/21. While the email notifications are not currently working, you are able to access the form entries through the administrative panel of your website. If you…

Hero video intermittent issues

We have noticed that there are intermittent issues occurring with videos that are set to play automatically on some websites. We are looking into these issues. If you notice the video not starting automatically as it has in the past, please email iq@ironistic.com to let us know.

AWS Server Migration

Since late last year we have been organizing, planning, and coordinating a large scale server infrastructure hosting migration to better serve client needs and provide added features and functionality at the same hosting rates. This has been done to further evolve our services and provide the best environment possible for your websites. We are still…

Security Update for select plugins

As you may be aware, several serious security alerts have come up recently for the Easy WP SMTP and Social Warfare plugins. Over the last week, Ironistic has updated our sites that utilize these plugins, so you may see some changes in your WordPress dashboard.  As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to…

STOP – WordPress Updates to Version 5 and Beyond. Read first!

When logging into your WordPress site you may see an upgrade notice prompting you to install the newest version 5.0.1/5.0.2 or above. While it is important to stay updated for security and performance reasons, this last major update to 5.0 made some significant changes to the backend and user interface for your site. Smaller updates such…

If You Don’t See a Change, Clear Your Cache

If you make a change to your site and do not see the change reflected on the front end, please go to Zen Cache in your admin menu and click the Clear button at the top of the page.

Time to Upgrade!

Are you an Internet Explorer user?  Make sure that you have the most current version (IE 11) or have upgraded to Edge because Microsoft is no longer supporting older versions of the famous browser.  That means no more security upgrades, patches, or anything else for anything older than version 11, so… upgrade your browser today!…

Visitors Can’t Access Your Website? They Need to Update Their Internet Explorer Security Settings!

If you have received any calls recently about your site not working…. there has been an update to the Internet!  Seriously, a security upgrade has recently deprecated some security settings in some versions of Internet Explorer, and this is affecting sites around the Internet.  You can read more about this change here: http://blog.varonis.com/ssl-and-tls-1-0-no-longer-acceptable-for-pci-compliance/. Regardless, some of…

Ironistic will be closed on Labor Day

Ironistic.com will be closed on Monday, September 7. We hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend! In-case-of-emergency, please call: 703.829.0809

Ironistic.com will be closed on Friday, July 3.

Ironistic.com will be closed on Friday, July 3. We hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend! In-case-of-emergency, please call: 703.829.0809

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