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Google Analytics Benchmarking Returns!

Congratulations to all Universal Google Analytics users who have opted in to share their data anonymously in the “Audience” section of the reporting interface. You will now be given access to Google Analytics Benchmarking reports! The new section in Google Analytics for benchmarking reports allows you to compare your business among 1600 industry categories, 1250 […]

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How Much Does a
Website Cost?

** Updated January 2022 *** Over the past 25 years, I have written thousands of website proposals – for design, development, hosting, and/or marketing (SEO) – for companies and organizations of every size and (just about) every industry.  Some people want a basic brochure website, others might want full online marketing strategies, while others ask […]

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The Benefits of Being Spied On

Googled ‘soccer’ recently and now the websites you visit are spammed with soccer shoe ads? Your Facebook newsfeed is dominated by photos of soccer balls and shin guards, and you wonder, “WHAT THE HECK”? This is the beginning of YOU BEING SPIED ON. Google tracks your data and uses it to customize online advertisements. So […]

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Wanted: The Perfect Website Client (yes, that’s you!)

With many web development and online marketing engagements, we’re often asked: “What can I do on my end to make sure this is a successful project?”  Sound familiar?  Well, we’re giving you the straight-up answer.  No fluff.  No sales mumbo jumbo. First and foremost – Trust us! You hired us to take one of (if […]

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