What’s in a Name?

In order to understand our name – Ironistic – it might be good to understand a bit about us as the founders.  After working together for nearly a decade, Rita Foss, Chris Foss and Jared Elliott were ready to embark on a joint venture.  As with many start-ups, we started considering a company name based off of our name, but “Elliott Foss Design and Development” just didn’t have a good ring to it.  We also considered just making up a word, which seems to be the modus operandi of startups these days, but it still needed to mean something. 

We ended up taking a combined approach.

Ironistic website development and marketing firmIron – metallic element with the symbol Fe

Here’s where our names enter the picture.

Starting with a C++ class at Indiana University, Rita’s intrigue in programming began.  With an undergraduate minor in computer science then a Masters Degree in Information Systems from The George Washington University, she continued to thrive on the exponentially improving world of technology.  After working in the Government’s contracting and computer service departments while starting a family, it was time to make a change.

Chris’ interest began as an intern at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Working as their webmaster, Chris decided to start his own side business – Cyber Utilities or CUontheWeb.  After merely filing the name with the Small Business Administration, Cyber Utilities brought the interest of another web development company looking to open an office in the DC Area.  Twelve years later, and a wealth of knowledge gained, it was again time to take the entrepreneurial route.

Jared’s interest in computers started at his college graduation ceremony, when he ran into an old friend that needed another person to start working with him on professional and college sports team sites. He gladly accepted and was hooked immediately. He has a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources which has allowed him to not only develop sites, but provide sound advice to clients based on business and operational requirements. Fast forward ten years and he teamed up with the Foss family to build solutions for their clients in tandem while establishing long term Integrated Marketing and Communication directives.

Turns out that if you combine F+E, you get Fe, or Iron, on the periodic table.  As web developers, we admittedly are a bit nerdy, so we liked the tie in with science.  (Plus, two of the three of us are HUGE Breaking Bad fans, so… what can we say?) The idea of Iron as an element also represents us well. We work hard, play hard, and build strong, lasting web solutions.  What better moniker than Iron?

Now for the made-up-word part.

istic – the suffix to artistic

The three of us believe there is much more to establishing an online presence than programming a website.  The appearance needs to appeal to the targeted audience.  The functionality needs to match the goals of the owner.  The world needs to be able to easily find the site.  And the site needs to continually evolve with the internet.   All of these required an artistic approach.

Beyond the element symbol being a combination of our names we view Ironistic as a family and wanted to include that within the logo design. As such, our logo is symbolic of the nine members of the Foss and Elliott families – Chris and Rita and their three children plus Jared, Jaimie and their two boys. 

And that’s the story of our brand!


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