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recruitment tips for government contractorsRecruiting for government consulting services is the tango of talent procurement. The steps are complicated, and strong HR teams make it look easy. However, the layers of the pandemic, coupled with a younger workforce willing to job hop, makes the process an even more challenging task. Plus, keeping top candidates is equally challenging. A recent Deltek study revealed that 73% of government contractors are struggling to find qualified candidates and of the large firms, attrition rose over 16%. Fortunately, you already have a resource that addresses attraction and retention challenges–your website, but how can you use it effectively? Take a look:

Be Unique

The world of government consulting can be an unknown which puts firms at a deficit when sharp talent is being courted by commercial counterparts with known brands, as well as sought after compensation packages. How is your firm different from others? How is your employee value proposition elevated from a handout to be actionable and impactful? How do your words and actions line up? What are the work opportunities that demonstrate your depth of knowledge and market share that can also illustrate the possible work for candidates?


Make your website a storyteller’s dream. Spotlight your team’s stories that promote team aspects unrivaled not only in consulting but in business.

Apply the WIIFYM to Recruiting

Many times recruiters and job candidate web pages speak at candidates and only from the needs of the employers. The ad will clearly state what you are looking for, but speaking to the “what’s in it for me” for candidates will demonstrate that the employee value proposition isn’t just a handout–it is an experience. Additionally, showing examples of company culture, corporate social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion, as well as compensation packages beyond pay, will speak directly to a candidate’s needs. ***This is particularly of importance to younger members of the workforce whose salary may not be the top decision point.


Create an experience for candidates on your website, offering up culture and benefits information throughout the user journey–not just on the landing page. Consider incorporating a CSR video for example as part of the “thank you for applying” note. Ensure that your thank you note reflects the brand in look, messaging, and tone as this impression will carry over into the interview process.

Know Your Audience

As a society, we have never had such a large span of ages/generations contributing to the workforce and with that comes unique considerations. How you communicate with candidates will speak volumes to candidates on fit, how contemporary your organization is, and if your brand is appealing. Baby boomers will be more attracted to traditional application and communication practices, but Millennials and Gen Z will have an expectation, as well as a comfort level, for more technology. They will use their tech-savviness to discover their opportunity, generate an understanding of your company, explore your positioning, and judge the opportunity’s merit even before an application is submitted for consideration. So, how do you accommodate such a span of preferences?


Be proactive in your company’s positioning and presence online. Your website must be contemporary, demonstrating a high UX, as well as engaging and compelling. Your social media presence must speak to culture, employee value proposition, as well as work opportunities. Finally, engage candidates to learn their communication preferences and establish a system that clearly manages expectations throughout the candidate lifecycle.

Your website, social media, emails, texts, etc. are the initial elements in attracting and engaging the talent needed to meet the letter of the RFP or open req. and also creating a positive brand extension. So, striking the right notes on positioning, design, and UX is essential to success. While many try to tackle this lift internally, the focus of attracting the end-user gets lost in team dynamics. That’s where an outside partner is invaluable in building the components needed to attract desirable candidates. That’s when you bring in Ironistic.

Ready to recruit qualified candidates who will be in it for the long haul? Contact Ironistic to engage with potential talent via your website today. And if you’re looking to integrate your website with your Greenhouse platform, check out our WordPress-Greenhouse plugin!

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