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For more than 30 years, UTICA Contracting, Inc. has excelled as a premier provider of business construction and renovation projects. Driving their success? A keen awareness of the value of consistent professionalism. Building lasting client relationships is a top priority for UTICA, and so they’ve established a company ethos of integrity, respect, proactive communication, and A+ solutions. They take pride in their work, their reputation, and the foundation of satisfied clients they’ve built over the years.

Before UTICA came to Ironistic, many of their clients came to them by word of mouth, which is excellent, but they also understood the modern need for a strong online presence that showcased their projects as well as their values. Like UTICA, Ironistic works hard to understand their client’s needs and business before building a compatible solution. With that in common, we developed a site that was simple, yet effective, in presenting their message and successes.

Front and center is UTICA’s work with links to a detailed portfolio that includes exemplary projects like Tysons Corner and Gold’s Gym.  Their “About” section shares their proud history and highlights the mission and character they bring to the table each and every time. We implemented a dynamic WordPress CMS, so they can easily manage their site’s content, including their “Latest News”, and we made it responsive, so potential partners and clients can access them on any device. With this new site, UTICA Contracting is set to reach a broader audience and build an even stronger foundation for their future.

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