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Meet Paul Becker, United States Navy Rear Admiral and Stage IV cancer survivor. Now retired from his military career, Paul Becker shares his inspirational wisdom and experience with audiences all around the world as the face and voice of The Becker T3 Group. It is Paul’s authenticity, courage through conflict, and triumph over adversity that resonates with so many people, soldiers and civilian alike. He delivers impactful presentations as a motivational and keynote speaker, instructing and encouraging better leadership and performance based on his trademark values of “Teamwork, Tone, and Tenacity.” These are lessons he cultivated throughout his US Navy career, leading teams with distinction in good times and bad. In fact, upon his retirement, the Naval Intelligence Community created an award in his honor, the “RADM Becker ‘Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity’ Leadership Award.” Kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

On that note, however, the many who’ve benefited from past presentations have plenty of positive things to say about him. The Chairman of the San Diego Economic Development Corporation, Jim Zortman, noted his ability to “translate highly successful military principles” into practical use for the corporate world as well as his ability to keep an audience engaged. The CMO for the Institute for Healthcare Excellence, Dr. William Maples, said that Paul Becker’s address on triumphing over Stage IV Bone Marrow Cancer “provided a human context for all of us to approach our work,” and Craig Duswalt, the creator of Rockstar Marketing, said that Paul “motivated [the audience] to new levels of patriotism and purpose.”

So what’s an easy way for an inspiration like Paul Becker to grow his influence and advance his purpose? A smart and engaging website, of course! And that’s where Ironistic came in. Before partnering with Ironistic, he had no online representation, so we worked with Paul in understanding his mission, outlining his goals and developing an effective site.

The design itself is simple and intuitive, aligning with The Becker T3 Group’s brand and prominently placing call-to-actions throughout. These encourage site users to learn more about Paul Becker, his presentations, his rave reviews, and to contact The Becker T3 Group for more info. The layout is crisp and sharp with user-friendly content that’s easy-on-the-eyes. The website’s architecture and development is simple and efficient with seamless navigation and a dynamic WordPress content management system that allows The Becker T3 Group to easily manage, edit and update as needed. It all adds up to a modern site that promotes a timeless message.

Do you also need a solid online presence that raises your game, compliments your mission, and sets you up for success? Well, you know who to call. Ironistic is ready and waiting, so contact us today.

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