She’s Crafty

“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.” — John Ciardi 

Ah, the ancient art of great beer. Since earliest history, brewing has been a cherished tradition. Even Noah, allegedly, stored beer on his ark. Monks, poets, artists, and kings have all extolled the virtues of a good brew – and the sins of the bad. Now in this modern era where the craft of beer is in full renaissance, She’s Crafty celebrates the experience from a feminine perspective and organizes regular beer-tasting events for women at venues throughout the area. They also focus on giving special notice to breweries specifically owned and operated by women. Some to note: Flying Dog, Devil’s Backbone, and SweetWater. Their inaugural festival in September will bring together the women who commit their talent and taste to the art of craft beer and the people who obviously know that “beauty lies in the hands of the beerholder.”

When She’s Crafty came to Ironistic, their online presence was limited to a simple landing page. They needed a legitimate website to not only represent and promote their brand and events, but to work as a tool for hosts, vendors, sponsors, and entertainers. They wanted to capitalize on SEO (search engine optimization), grow attendance at events, sell official merchandise, and connect site users to their social media outlets. Hence, the brand new site – courtesy of Ironistic.

We built them a beautiful, appealing, and fully-functional site that complemented their current branding, their unique personality, and their objectives. The sectional design is not only modern and engaging, but it also incorporates all the important to-dos on She’s Crafty’s wish list with prominent call-to-actions for sponsors (like Ironistic!), vendors, and tasters. Developed on a WordPress platform, website administrators can update, change, and manage all content, including event details and photos, with ease. And for added impact, the site is responsive, meaning that users can access info, sign up for events and submit apps from any device. Just like, perhaps, some of the phenomenal brews the ladies can enjoy, we made sure the She’s Crafty site starts off clean and ends on a great note. Check them out September 9th at the Mt. Airy Fire Company Carnival Grounds.

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