Ruth Schimel

“After a few years of working with Ironistic on website maintenance with ease and effectiveness, I developed the trust and respect for their work that warranted a major website change. My previous site was overly complex, not user friendly, and aesthetically unattractive. After working primarily with one of their superb, smart digital strategists who led their other professionals, my collaborator and I were delighted with the results. Not only was the working relationship pleasurable, but also creative, responsive, and careful. Most important, the outcome is just what we wanted: a website that is immediately attracting new visitors and designed for effective marketing. Most important, it reflects my vision and values for my career and life management practice.”

Ruth Schimel

Ruth Schimel

Author, Career and Life Management Consultant, Manager, The Schimel Lode

Ruth Schimel, PhD is a career and life management consulting services provider. With an office located in downtown Washington, D.C., Ruth Schimel has spent her life helping her clients find their unique strengths and skills and applying them in the real world. With degrees from Cornell and the George Washington University, Ruth has served as a diplomat in Latin America and India and has founded The Schimel Lode, a foundation that focuses on supporting the public good in the DC area.

Ruth’s current professional life involves guiding individuals along their career paths. Her consultation and life management services help people discover their unique possibilities, identify career goals, develop strategies for success, overcome roadblocks to progress, and improve leadership and management skills. In addition to individual consultations, she leads workshops for organizations that are designed to motivate, increase productivity, creativity and engagement, and cultivate greater professionalism. She also offers public speaking engagements for professional and community groups and has authored seven books.

With Dr. Schimel’s wealth of life experience, community service, and professionalism, she required an online presence that clearly communicated all that she has to offer. Her old site, however, was outdated, mired in heavy content and confusing navigation. Worse, it did not accurately and fully represent her services or promote her books. Ironistic took care of all that.

We redesigned her site so that it showcases a more modern design that is also easier to search and navigate. We worked with her on content to better engage visitors and market her services, and we added a Books section so users could learn about and buy her self-help books through Amazon. In addition, we implemented a robust WordPress content management system, so she can update as needed with simple efficiency, whether it pertains to her services, client testimonials, publications, or blog. With this new site, prospective clients now have a more authentic and precise representation of Ruth Schimel and all that she offers. Her consultation and life management services are made for the modern world, and now, thanks to Ironistic, so is her website.

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