On the Road in Japan

“Huge thanks to the team at Ironistic – the site looks great!  I was impressed from the outset with Emilia’s approach, helping us understand the various promotional avenues available.  I also appreciate that she adjusted the scope of the project as we moved forward, to ensure that we stayed on track and focused on the goals we had set for ourselves.  The interactive map was a great idea which works very well with both our existing content and the theme of our book – I’m really happy with the way that turned out.  Throughout, Emilia was patient (we’re a little slow sometimes!) and provided helpful guidance as we made key decisions. Pretty much exactly what we hoped for!”

Sean Kramer

On the Road In Japan


Across Tokyo is a new literary travel experience. Written and photographed by urban hikers and longtime Japan residents Patrick Foss and Sean Kramer, Across Tokyo takes readers on a unique journey from one end of Tokyo to the other. Packed with compelling photos, stories of their adventures and insights into the remarkable culture, Foss and Kramer share their love of this diverse, intriguing metropolis, a city that even after many years still surprises.

After the authors completed Across Tokyo, they needed an online platform to promote and sell their book. For this, they turned to Ironistic. We wanted to design a site as fun and creative as the book itself and give interested readers a neat glimpse into the authors’ travels that would inspire them to get in on the adventure.

The site uses simple architecture and navigation, making it user-friendly, but offers some cool, interactive features. The photos, of course, are a big draw, so we added a colorful interactive map of Tokyo that takes users on the route that Foss and Kramer took when they completed their urban hike. The map highlights their major points of interest, from Kasai Rinkai Park to Kichijoji to Lake Okutama. Hovering over each point of interest brings up photos from that area that users can click on and view in a larger format. Then, there’s the book itself. We added a fun CSS animated feature where users can flip and browse a sample chapter. To help with promoting Across Tokyo, we used the Flow Flow plugin to incorporate their four social media feeds, and we added lots of attention-grabbing call-to-actions throughout the site.

On the back end, the authors also needed a dynamic platform that would allow them easy management of their website. They hope to build a series based on similar travels throughout Japan, so they needed to be able to add content as they write new books. We used a WordPress CMS, which allows them to easily and efficiently add all kinds of content like photos, reviews, blogs and synopses. As usual, we also made the site responsive, so users can access the site and all its features on any device.

Even after over twenty years in their adopted home country, Patrick Foss and Sean Kramer still find new things to discover, and now they’re sharing their discoveries with the world. Pretty neat. Read all about their adventure in Across Tokyo – buy the e-book here!

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