Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

Founded in 1891, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is the lead trade association representing the OOH advertising industry. More than just billboards and bench ads, outdoor advertising has evolved with the times and is a highly-present communication tool with digital and media advancements over the years. The OAAA represents almost 800 member companies and more than 90 percent of industry revenues. Their primary focus is “government affairs, marketing, communications, membership, and operations.” With its versatility and broad consumer outreach capabilities, it’s no wonder that outdoor advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums today.

Ironistic has designed and developed many custom websites and applications for OAAA. Our primary venture with the foundation is their main website, OAAA.org, which serves as a central information and research hub for their members. It also provides creative tools that help members plan and design advertising for outdoor spaces. The website contains several thousand pages of organized information, and with a dynamic content management system like DotNetNuke, OAAA administrators can easily manage data, media, and ongoing initiatives like the OOH Media Plan Awards, OBIE Awards, Creative Library, Video Library,  and OOH Resource Center. Read on for more about Ironstic’s OAAA-related projects:

Creative Testing Tool

The Creative Testing Tool is a custom web application that Ironistic developed for OAAA as a resource for members. OAAA members often present ad concepts to clients in a variety of formats: bus shelters, billboards, taxi toppers, train cars, and much more. This tool allows the designer to visualize their art work in nearly 100 different scenes. The ad creative is inserted into the interactive scene where the user can then zoom or pan in order to view how their advertisement would look in the real world.

Ironistic also developed a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality proof of concept for the Creative Testing Tool that may be incorporated into the next version. This VR web application allows users to put on any VR headset, such as a Google Cardboard, and view their ad in full 360-degree, real-world setting like Times Square in New York City.

OOH Resource Center Mobile App

The OOH Resource Center mobile app is another custom tool that Ironistic developed for OAAA as a benefit for their members. The OOH Resource Center app is available on iOS, Android, and as a stand-alone web application. It integrates with many features on the website such as the Creative Library and Creative Testing Tool in order to provide as many resources as possible to their members during sales presentations.

OAAA members use the app when presenting ad campaign concepts to their clients. They can show documents, charts, and videos and save them in a “Sharing Cart” as they proceed through their presentation. At the conclusion, the OAAA member can send all of the resources that were stored in the Sharing Cart to all relevant parties. Sharing Cart history is also saved so that the OAAA members can re-use or create templates from previous presentations. As a part of this endeavor, Ironistic also assisted with redesigning hundreds of PDF and image-based resources to match the new OAAA branding, maintaining a consistent look and feel across all OAAA websites and apps. Additionally, content for the OOH Resource Center app is managed through a custom-built CMS, which is fully integrated within the DotNetNuke CMS that runs the other OAAA websites.

Thought Leadership & Special Reports Blogs

Ironistic developed two correlating WordPress blogs to host some of OAAAs regularly published industry content: the OAAA Thought Leadership and OAAA Special Reports blogs. Each one utilizes a customized version of the same WordPress theme. They were styled to complement OAAA’s new brand guidelines in an elegant and modern layout.

2017 Annual Convention Website

Every year OAAA hosts a large, annual convention in different locations across the country. In 2017, OAAA decided to spin-off the conference into its own branded event — Lookout. While it is still organized and hosted by OAAA, they wanted the Lookout brand to be far more prominent, and they also wanted to create several new features for conference attendees like event schedules and speaker bios. Ironistic customized a WordPress event theme in order for OAAA to provide better access to conference information for attendees, including registration, speaker calendars, and more.

Art Everywhere US Campaign Website

For this special project, the OAAA collaborated with art museums across the US for a one-of-a-kind outdoor exhibition. To support it and select the artwork, they needed a quick-delivery website. Once again, OAAA turned to Ironistic. Get the full details here.

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