“Vitaflo USA medical foods company began working with Ironistic in 2012 while in search of a web design firm to assist with digital marketing strategy and development. From day one, Ironistic has invested their time and sincere efforts working closely with Vitaflo’s team to gain a complete understanding of our business and marketing initiatives. Our experience working with Ironistic has become an enjoyable ongoing partnership, resulting in very successful and high quality resources of which we feel proud to provide our customers. Special thanks to Chris, Hannah and Jared for all the wonderful work you’ve done and continue to do for us!”

website development service review

Mark Troutman

Vitaflo USA

Brand Manager

What do you do if you had to wake up every few hours for your entire life just so that you don’t die?

Yeah, it just got serious up in here.

That is the reality for 1 in 100,000 individuals who suffer from GSD. They are constantly consumed in every aspect of their lives by GSD and are forced to live around it, not with it. Imagine how much it could affect your life if you NEVER got a good nights sleep. And then imagine if you could finally start. Glycosade has not only helped these people with their GSD, but it seriously has given them their lives back.

Now for the education.

Glycogen storage disease type I is an inherited disorder caused by the buildup of a complex sugar called glycogen in the body’s cells. The accumulation of glycogen in certain organs and tissues, especially the liver, kidneys, and small intestines, impairs their ability to function normally. source: (GHR)

Vitaflo® produces Glycosade®, a special cornstarch which is physically modified using a patented procedure. Glycosade helps maintain normal blood glucose/sugar levels for longer.

Ironistic.com worked with Vitaflo to build a site that would educate, inform and bring together people that are suffering from GSD. The site was built with a WordPress for quick, easy and instant updates for all of the information on the site. One of the issues with GSD is the lack of information and resources on the internet for the parents or individuals to research about ways to improve their life. This site acts as the central hub to deliver to people the information they need to start down the road of a great life and one heck of a good night of sleep.

Keep up the awesome work Vitaflo, this product is amazing and the work you all do is fantastic!

Two thumbs up from Ironistic.com!

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