Global Harvest Initiative

The Global Harvest Initiative is an organization dedicated to the productivity and sustainability of world agriculture. Concerned with increasing demand, access to nutritious food, environmental and political impacts, and quality of life for farmers, Global Harvest Initiative works together with their partners to inform, bring about change, positively affect related policies, and prepare for the future.

Every year, they convene and present their Global Agriculture Productivity Report (GAP Report) detailing current data, areas demanding more attention, as well as advancements and goals, which is then curated on their website. In the past, this has simply translated to screenshots from the report itself, static and unresponsive. For 2017, Global Harvest Initiative turned to Ironistic for a more modern and intriguing presentation.

Introducing the new GAP Report 2017. Gone is the old-school design. Now the report is dynamic and fresh with interactive and animated features. You can still download the full report, but included now are engaging infographics, videos highlighting the report and panel discussions, and spotlights on key areas of interest. It also presents individual stories from both producers and consumers around the world. You can learn about growing cotton in India, raising cattle in Colombia, and supermarkets in Kenya and China. With cool graphics, responsive design, and intuitive development, visitors can easily learn about sustainability, productivity, and global policies that impact the world’s agricultural resources, hopefully broadening awareness and support.

In this project, we loved demonstrating how organizations can take an ordinary, static report and transform it into something lively, impactful, and engaging – thus laying the groundwork for reaching a wider audience. Looking to ramp up interest for your own enterprise? Ironistic can create an online showpiece that will wow your target users. Contact us today.

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