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“The new website you made for us took our program to a whole new level immediately.  The children we serve and our organization overall will be continuously improved and impacted because of this professional, user-friendly site with so many great customized features.  You were so accessible and easy to work with.  You seemed to understand what would give us everything we wanted plus a whole lot more that we could use to better represent ourselves online.  I really appreciated the extra time  and attention you took to guide us through the planning and implementation process.  I can’t stop looking at our site and referring everyone I know to check it out! Thanks so much!”

Laura Fike

Laura Fike

Garrett Mentors, Inc.


Garrett Mentors is a non-profit organization serving Garrett County, Maryland. They were founded in 2008 and are committed to providing the Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade children in the Garrett County Public Schools with caring, committed, adult mentors. The volunteer mentors are adults of all ages who serve as positive role models to children with various needs and backgrounds.

Mentors meet with the child they are matched with once a week during the child’s lunchtime at the child’s school. There are also a number of our-of-school bonding/social events throughout the year. In March 2013, Garrett Mentors was presented with the Golden Apple Award for Garrett County by the Comptroller of Maryland for superior volunteer work in Maryland public schools.

As a non-profit organization, Garrett Mentors relies heavily on the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals to continue impacting children’s lives through mentoring. Would you like to get involved? There are many ways to support the cause. One of the easiest ways you can help provide support for Garrett Mentors (and at no cost to you) is by doing your Amazon.com shopping through a program called Amazon Smile, where you shop, and Amazon gives. Just choose Garrett Mentors as your organization of choice. Give it a try for yourself! Click on the Amazon Smile logo and it will choose Garrett Mentors for you. It’s that easy!


Our team decided that we wanted to give back by volunteering our time, resources, and skill sets, to help a non-profit organization improve their online presence and gain awareness. It was important to us to choose an organization that we believed strongly in, and supported. We spent a number of weeks discussing various options and debating over which non-profit organization we wanted to provide free services to. A large percentage of our staff has ties to Garrett County in one way or another, and we all loved the idea of providing positive influences to children in need of a good role model. Ultimately we decided to reach out to Garrett Mentors to see if they would be interested in working with us, and we are happy they did!

When we first met with Laura Fike, Director of Garrett Mentors, we wanted to know how we could leverage their new website to best meet their growing needs. We were able to put together a website that is not only fun and engaging for the general public to look at, but one that also provides powerful online resources for all those involved within the organization.

Some of the primary features of the new Garrett Mentors website include:

  • Mentors/Board of Directors login for viewing private content
    • Mentors discussion forum
    • Private mentors event calendar
    • Private submission of sponsor information for Board of Director members only
  • Integration with PayPal to allow Garrett Mentors to accept donations, sell their annual barn dance tickets, accept sponsor signups, and more online
  • Detailed online application form to become a mentor
  • Online calendar to showcase upcoming events 

Services Provided:

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