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About Fluet Huber + Hoang

Fluet Huber + Hoang (FH+H) is an esteemed law firm, established in 2009, with locations in Virginia and Maryland. FH+H is a veteran owned company which has overseas and operational experience. FH+H lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of international business, defense, and national security, with many years of experience.

Fluet Huber + Hoang is experienced in all practice areas within their five defined practice groups – Corporate + Business Transactions, Litigation + Investigations, International Trade + Transactions, Government Contracts, and Employment Law.


About The Project

FH+H came to us with a few primary goals and functionality requests in mind:

  1. use the latest version of Drupal. FH+H was excited to use the latest version of the Drupal CMS platform to take advantage of the new upgrades. We helped them do that.
  2. tagging, tagging and more tagging. One of the more difficult, yet coolest, features about this project is the intricate tagging structure of the content throughout the entire website. We created a number different content types for FH+H to input blog posts, publications, success stories, testimonials, events, news, etc. Each post can be tagged to individual team members and to individual practice areas. Once a post is tagged to its relative pages, it appears on the right-hand side in the designated box. In addition, each team member was tagged with the practices in which they are involved. This allows website users to easily find and identify the people they need to reach and the content that is most relevant for their needs.
  3. a better solution for their blog. FH+H previously had a Drupal website and a blog manages through WordPress. We were able to migrate all of their past WordPress posts into the new Drupal environment to seamlessly integrate their blog content to their main site domain.
  4. a LOT of imagery. FH+H has an amazing display of visual elements throughout the website. (Check out this rambling by Sylvia Cabrzynski about the importance of good website images) They had a professional photographer on location take photos of their team hard at work and individual head shots for each team member. We also found that the large image files were slowing down the page load time. We spent some time optimizing these files for FH+H to increase the website performance. If you take some time to really look through the website, you can begin to appreciate the time and effort that went into the programming and imaging editing side of things.
    • Every content page has a custom cropped header image that relates to the page’s content.
    • Each practice area has three different custom cropped visualizations of the same image that represents the practice area. One image for the homepage slider, one for the practices landing page grid, and one for the large header image and quote.
    • Each team member also has three different images that are used in different ways on the website. One portrait photo that can be seen by clicking the “More” button on the homepage practice slider, a square image that is used on the Our Team landing page gird (as well as on the practice page sidebars), and each team member was able to provide their own fun/personal image to show off their personalities. The fun images are seen on the overlay when clicking on any of the Team images on the landing grid page.
  5. a desire to be the best, most memorable, law firm website out there. I think we nailed this one. Aside from the intricate details of functionality that help guide the user through relative content, we also added some pretty neat user interface as well. For example, take a look at the homepage features:
    • First off, a new user to this website can get essentially everything they need right from the homepage. They can see a birds-eye view of everything the website has to offer. 
    • Ok, so headers that stick to the top of the page are nothing new or exciting anymore. But we manage to have the header shrink as you scroll down the page. This keeps the navigation easily accessible but minimizes the amount of space that it takes away from the rest of the screen.
    • Now let’s talk about the homepage slider. The approach we took here allows a website user to see all of the practice areas in an interactive and engaging way. Users also have the ability to View practice areas only within a particular practice group. This helps the user narrow down their search. Once you find the practice you were looking for, you can click on the more button to see a quick summary of the practice area and the experts for your selection. From there, you can choose to learn more about FH+H’s offerings or about an individual team member.
    • As you scroll down the page to where you reach the “Download White Papers & Brochures”, you will see that the orange bar will snap into place directly below the header. This is an important place of information for FH+H, so having it stick to the header makes users realize it is something they should look into. You can click on the orange bar to view the latest publications, to choose to view the full listing.
    • Below that you have a nice simple section of about information, along with an FH+H introduction video.
    • Now we get to meet the team. The team members showcase the partners, associates, of counsel, and other professionals in that order. You have the option of viewing only a certain group of team members, right from the homepage, by using the filter dropdown to the right. We included a fun “directional aware” hover effect, which will add a hover effect from the direction that your mouse came from. When you hover on an individual image, you will see their name and job title.
    • Below that you have the option of signing up to receive email updates. This orange bar works the same way as the publications above. The user has the choice to expand or collapse this section.
    • Lastly, we featured the companies latest blog posts, latest Facebook updates and other social media links. The bottom section of the website allows users to quickly get contact and location information, as well as a quick glance footer sitemap of all the web pages.

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