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Everymom Athletics educates women about exercise after pregnancy using evidence-based information through in-person education sessions at new parent courses, Walk-With-A-Doc walks, Christine’s book (Healthy and Quick & Everything Fit, A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercise After Pregnancy), and the new website!

Everymom Athletics came to Ironistic with this in mind: this website will ultimately help change the way we, as a medical community, look after moms’ physical fitness following delivery by providing a hub of evidence-based and medically sound information on the topic as well as step-by-step instructions. Everymom Athletics wanted a homepage to get right to the point and speak directly to the audience by giving women the chance to interact with the website by clicking on their stage of motherhood/type of delivery they had. Instead of simply telling women what the site is all about and how it works, it will have an introduction for them to be able to get right into it and discover it for themselves.

The website has workouts readily available, where instead of having to watch the whole circuit video, you can see a list of exercises and a snapshot of quick steps for your workout. Some of the following are important topics you can learn more about on everymomathletics.com: diastasis recti, science and  research, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy basics, motor control during and after pregnancy, breastfeeding and exercise, and strong bones for moms. Learn more about exercise after pregnancy and find the program that works best for you – visit Everymom Athletics!

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