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We’ve all heard the adage you can’t judge a book by its cover. But as much value as that statement holds, it’s equally true, especially in this day and age, that first impressions matter. You may only have seconds, but your appearance, your outward presentation, will leave a lasting impression. It will, in a sense, tell its own story as much as your words do. Your talent, education, or experience may all have value, but do you convey this, do you complement this, with your appearance? That’s where DC Elite Image comes in.

With loads of creative talent and the industry experience to match it, DC Elite Image is a true professional in the art of image consultation, corporate makeovers, makeup artistry and styling for fashion brands, media and publications, plus bridal services and individual or group lessons. Their work has been featured in Marie Claire UK, France and Hungary, Cosmopolitan, InStyle UK, The New York Times, and Washingtonian Magazine, among others. Impressive, to say the least. When DC Elite Image approached Ironistic about a new website, however, they were looking for a makeover of their own.

With a business like DC Elite, demonstrating what you can do versus telling is absolutely vital, so special emphasis had to be placed on showcasing their portfolio and using design and images that conveyed their creative artistry, modern professionalism, and industry forte. Ironistic answered with a sleek and captivating site that looks like it stepped right off the pages of a high-fashion magazine. It leaves no doubt as to the company’s caliber and draws the user in with compelling photos and call-to-actions that drive the audience to find out more about DC Elite. In that way it’s an intuitive site, illustrating DC Elite’s prowess, easily guiding potential clients through the content (the portfolios, media, before-and-afters, and range of services) then encouraging them to take action.

It’s similarly keen on development. Easily managed and updated, it boasts an Iron Gallery plugin, which allows clients to customize how their portfolio is categorized and displayed. Just another facet of helping people put their best selves forward. That’s what Ironistic is all about too—making sure our clients present their strongest, most effective platform to the online world. Ready for a new you? Connect with DC Elite Image. Ready for a new website? Connect with Ironistic today.

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